December 2, 2021

Tasmanian Visas

a beautiful bay and beach in rural tasmania

Beautiful Wineglass Bay in Regional Tasmania

Is Tasmania Your Best Australian Visa Option?

 Many foreign nationals desiring to work and live in Australia should consider the state of Tasmania. The whole of this beautiful island state at the southern tip of Australia is classified as regional Australia, allowing foreigners, who meet the current visa criteria, to apply for the 190 Skilled and the 489 Regional visas for the whole of this state. This current opportunity to live in Australia includes Tasmania’s capital, the scenic and historic Hobart.

Working and Living in Tasmania

Because Tasmania is classified as regional Australian, all the occupations in the Australian government’s occupation lists are available for nomination in this state. This is a visa option and job opportunity that most mainland states cannot currently offer.

a map of australia's island state of tasmania

Australia’s Island State, Tasmania

Tasmania and Skilled Visas

Is your occupation on a Skilled Visa nomination list? Check if it is by reading this Australian federal government occupations list.

Also read more about the 190 Skilled Nominated Visa.

And here.

If your occupation is on one of these occupations lists and you are considering moving from overseas to Tasmania, contact Migration Ways and consult with one of our registered and experienced immigration agents.

And if you are currently on a visa attached to one of Australia’s mainland states and need a new visa option, also consult with a Migration Ways visa specialist about the opportunities of you living in Tasmania.

Another opportunity regarding a Tasmanian visa option is to study in Tasmania. Migration Ways can also advise you about this.

flag of tasmania showing the british flag and the english lion

The Flag of Tasmania, Australia’s Most Southern State

NOTE The 187 and 489 visas were discontinued on Nov 16, 2019, and replaced by the 491 and 494 Regional visas.

The 489 Provisional Regional Visa and the 187 Permanent Regional Visa are often forgotten visas that might also be a good option for you.

The 489 visa is a temporary visa that allows skilled workers to work in regional Australia for a maximum of four years. Each Australian state has a visa nomination scheme for its regional areas and a list of occupations that it will nominate. Read more about the 489 and 187 visas.

speckled lights shines into the forest floor through tall trees

Weindorfers Forest Walk in Tasmania

The Attractions of Tasmania

“Come to Tasmania to indulge in history, vast wilderness areas, Australia’s most spectacular mountains, dazzling beaches and the freshest food and wine imaginable….

“Drive anywhere in the island state and you can go from beach-lined coasts to World Heritage-listed mountain areas in just a few hours. Along the way you’ll pass welcoming farm-gate producers, cellar doors and restaurants specialising in local produce so fresh it’s the envy of the culinary world.” Source:

Read more about the attractions of living in Tasmania here and here.

hobart's harbour, tall ship and buildings

Hobart, Tasmania’s Historical and Beautiful Capital

The Lifestyle of Hobart

The capital city of Hobart offers many work and lifestyle opportunities.

“Hobart offers a contrasting blend of heritage, scenery and culture, with world class activities and attractions nearby. Nestled amongst the foothills of Mt Wellington, Hobart combines heritage charm with a modern lifestyle in a setting of exceptional beauty. It’s no wonder Lonely Planet has called Hobart one of the top ten spots to visit in the world right now.

“Hobart is Tasmania’s capital city and the second oldest capital in Australia, after Sydney. Located at the entrance to the Derwent River, its well-preserved surrounding bushland reaches close to the city centre and beaches line the shores of the river and estuary beyond.” Source: Discover Tasmania

Read more about scenic Hobart.

two tall peaks and a lake beneath them

Cradle Mountain Tasmania, Australia

South Australia and ACT

Also note that some similar visa opportunities currently exist for South Australian and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Migration Ways is also expert with visa applications related to this state and territory. Read more here.

Please be aware that government laws and policies (even governments themselves) can quickly change.

Contact One of Melbourne’s Leading Migration Agencies

Migration Ways is located in the CBD area but we can also do consultations via the phone or Skype. Our agents have more than 40 years experience in the migration field and speak English, Italian and Spanish.

bushwalker looking at a mountain lake

Tasmania is Famous for its Wilderness

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