Student Guardian Visa 590

mother and daughter and 590 guardian visa
There is an Australian Visa for Parents/Guardians of International Students

Australia’s 590 Student Guardian Visa

One Australian student visa option is not for students themselves but for their caregivers and guardians. If you are the legal guardian of a foreign student in Australia who is under the age of 18, you may be eligible to live in Australia with that student.

The following information about the 590 Student Guardian visa is from the Australian Department of Home Affairs:


“This is a temporary visa. The length of your visa will be determined by the student visa holder’s stay and their age.

“With this visa you can

*come to Australia to provide care and support for a student visa holder who is under 18 years of age or older due to exceptional circumstances

“You must

*be the student’s parent, custodian or relative who is 21 years or older

*have enough money to support yourself and the student during your stay

*be able to provide accommodation, welfare and other support”

Please note that while you are on the 590 visa you cannot work.

Source: The Australian Department of Home Affairs.

The Department of Home Affairs also stipulates the following as some other conditions of the 590 visa. That:

“For this visa, a relative is the student’s:

  • parent or step-parent
  • grandparent or step-grandparent
  • sibling or stepsibling
  • aunt, uncle, step-aunt or step-uncle
  • niece, nephew or step-niece or step-nephew
  • partner
  • child or stepchild”

Learn other eligibility requirements of the 590 Student Guardian visa.

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Many International Students Study in Australia Each Year

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