December 2, 2021

Spanish Migration Agents in Australia

The Spanish Flag of many Spanish citizens who want a visa to Visit and Work in Australia

Spanish Citizens Visit and Work in Australia

Let us Help You in Spanish with Your Australian Visa Needs

Migration Ways is a leading Australian immigration agency that caters to the Spanish communities. We have helped clients from Spain, Columbia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and others. We provide individualized service in Spanish, Italian and English, and are especially experienced in the hospitality and entertainment industries.

Our agent Alberta Miculan speaks fluent Spanish. Alberta studied Spanish at university in Australia and has travelled throughout South America and Spain, as well as living in California for 25 years.

Our registered immigration agents have more than 35 years combined experience working in the migration field in Australia, the United States, Brazil, and Italy. We assist individuals and businesses with all types of visas:

Spain and Australia’s Working Holiday Visa

Citizens of Spain are one of the 39 countries around the world eligible to apply for Australia’s popular Working Holiday Visa. From July 1, 2017, 1500 citizens of Spain are eligible each year to work and holiday anywhere in Australia for up to 12 months. Those eligible to apply for this 462 Work and Holiday Visa must be aged between 18 and 30.

The Working Holiday visa is arguably the simplest and best visa option to live and work “down unda.” Please note that there are more requirements than being aged between 18 and 30 that must be met before you might be approved for an Australian Working Holiday Visa. Read more about Australia’s Working Holiday Visas.

Migration Ways is the leading Spanish migration agency in Melbourne. Read more about Migration Ways and its Spanish speaking staff and work.

Also read our Spanish language pages and write to us in Spanish. Discuss all your visa options with one of our registered visa agents. Migration Ways offers personal consultations at our CBD Melbourne office and Skype consultations over the internet. All our visa experts have lived in foreign lands.

Let us save you time and take the worry out of applying for any visa that you may need.

¡Viaja tranquilo, nosotros nos ocupamos del resto!

Travel Serenely in Our Expert Hands

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