December 2, 2021

Reviews of Australian Entertainment Visa Expert

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Foreign Producers, Directors, Talent and Crew Need a 408 Visa to Work in Australia

408 Visa Agent Reviews

Migration Ways is Australia’s leading immigration agency helping production companies apply for 408 Entertainment visas for talent and crew.

Migration Ways has worked with production companies and talents from the USA, Canada, India, Nigeria, Germany, Greece, United Kingdom, Ireland, Taiwan, and China, among others.

Film, television and TVC production companies in Australia and across the globe that we have helped include (in no particular order):

  • Netflix
  • National Geographic
  • BBC
  • MTV
  • Lightstream Pictures
  • Bunim Murray
  • Nickelodeon
  • Finch
  • Filmgraphics
  • Walkabout
  • Playmaker Media
  • Planet 55 Studios
  • Chugg Entertainment
  • Renegade
  • Guesswork Television
  • Blue Tongue Films
  • Story Bridge Films
  • GoalPost
  • Matchbox
  • Nutopia
  • K&K McGrath
  • Cheeky Little Media
  • Like a Photon
  • Hipwell International Production Services
  • Bunya Productions
  • FG Film Productions
Alberta is especially understands the context and needs of the entertainment industry.

Alberta Miculan, Experienced Entertainment Visa Agent

Alberta Miculan, 408 Visa Expert

Our Entertainment visa expert is Alberta Miculan, Australia’s go-to 408 visa maven. Alberta has more than 30 years of experience in the migration field and lived in Los Angeles for 25 years. She especially understands the context and needs of the entertainment industry. Read more about Alberta, her entertainment visa work, and Migration Ways.

Reviews of the Entertainment Visa Work of Alberta Miculan

From Antony I Ginnane – Producer “Never too Late”:

We approached Alberta and her team at Migration Ways quite late in the process of our visa applications for James Cromwell and Dennis Waterman, the stars of “Never too Late”. They solved some complex issues for us quickly and seamlessly and were a pleasure to work with.


From Warren Keuning – Fixer/Producer:

AMAZING NEWS!!!!!!!! Alberta, said it before, and I’ll say it again, you are THE BEST, a true miracle worker!!

Thank you kindly for all the work you put into making this possible.

Warmest regards



From John Hipwell S.P.A. Producer C/- Hipwell International Production Services:

Dear Alberta,

Now that all our Visas concerns have been completely extinguished, by you and your team, I can now formally and openly thank you and Migration Ways for the hard work and expert advice delivering them.

All the people involved in Road to Boston sincerely thank you.




From Paul Currie Co-Founder and Director of Lightstream Pictures, Australia:

I just wanted to take a moment to officially thank you for the brilliant work you did on Jackie Chan’s “Bleeding Steel”. Your ability to wrangle all of the Chinese applicants information, including the high profile cast and crew and then make the process as streamlined and predictable as possible for the large numbers of visas required, was greatly appreciated not only by me but also by the Chinese producers as well.

You also worked on the Chinese and Australian Co Production “Dogfight,” which required large numbers of Chinese visas to be processed in a very short time period.  Everyone involved including the Chinese and Australian producers appreciated your ability to get this done with ease. No matter what challenges occurred in the process, you always remained in control and comfortably achieved everything you represented you would. In the world of visas for large-scale international productions, actually achieving what you represented on time is something you should be very proud of.

Please know that any major production with substantial visa requirements, I will always bring to you and I will recommend others to do the same. I look forward to a coffee and a catch up in the very near future.



From Maia Hadley – Producer Hadley Inc.:

Hello everyone…I just wanted to sing someone’s praises for a moment. We recently needed urgent help with visas for an overseas crew to enter the country in October. Alberta Miculan from Migration Ways was recommended to us. Alberta was fantastic! Not only was she extremely helpful, but also fast, professional and available to answer all my questions. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help in this area.


From Johnny Wang – Line Producer/Production Manager at October Pictures Company: 

For our big budget co-production it was vital that our key Chinese cast and crew obtain smooth entry into the country. We worked closely with Alberta and Laura in the crucial months of pre production on navigating the complexities of visa applications. They streamlined the process for us and provided the high level consultation that our production required.

Once the first visas started rolling in it was an organised and straightforward process, all monitored by the capable Migration Ways staff. I would highly recommend their services to any production with visa requirements and commend them on their sound, expert advice.

I just like to thank you and your team for all the hard work you’ve done to get my sponsorship granted, it means a lot to me and I will be recommending you to all my friends.


From Kevin McGrath – Producer K&K McGrath:

Dear Alberta and team,

I just wanted to advise you that I have two German film groups planning to shoot in OZ in the next few months and I have passed your details on to them.

It’s been many years now that you have been sorting out my many and varied clients’ filming visas and almost all with very little notice. It occurred to me that with your skills, attention to detail and rapport with immigration and others involved has meant that I can claim a 100% success rate with my groups.

I well remember those torturous years before I used your services and how organising visas was the most difficult part of a shoot. It’s such a relief that I am now able to put all that in your hands and be able to direct my attention to the production.

Thanks for always being there when I need you

Read more reviews of Migration Ways.

foreign sports, performers, entertainers need a visa to work in australia

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