December 2, 2021

Processing Times for Australian Visas, Permanent Residence and Citizenship

There can be individual circumstances that can speed up or slow down individual processing times for applications.

Be Aware of the Processing Time for Your Visa

Visa Processing Times Australia

Australia currently offers about 74 temporary and permanent visas. Processing times for individual visas can vary and it is important for applicants to be aware of these times and how to keep them at a minimum.

First, here is a list of all the current Australian visas.

These two pages of the Department of Home Affairs and the Australian High Commission in New Delhi contain general information about processing times for Australian visas.

The Australian High Commission in New Delhi states the following helpful information about the Processing Times for Australian visas:

“Processing times are dependent on a number of different factors including:

  • Whether you have provided all necessary supporting documents when you lodge an application
  • How well and how promptly you respond to requests for additional information
  • How long it takes to complete any required checks on information you have provided to support your application
  • How long it takes to receive additional information from areas outside the department – particularly in relation to health, character and national security.
  • How many places are available in the Migration Programme.
  • A decision to grant or refuse your visa application may be made based on the information and documentation that you provide at the time of lodgement.

“It is strongly recommended you apply well in advance of your intended travel date and that you do not make any travel arrangements until you have been granted your visa.” Source: The Australian High Commission in New Delhi.

Global Visa Processing Times

This Department of Home Affairs page gives the processing wait times for many Australian visas. These visa processing times are updated monthly.

To Check Individual Visas and Their Processing Times

If you click this page, you will find a list of every current Australian visa. If you know which visa interests you, click the link for that visa. This new page will reveal the expected processing time for that specific visa.

You may also use the search function on the Department of Home Affairs website to find your particular visa and be able to click to its page, which will contain the specific visa processing time for that visa. For example, if you search for the 600 Visitor visa and go to its page, the processing times for the visa and its six main types or streams will be shown.

Processing Times for Permanent Residence Visa

This page on the Department of Home Affairs website contains information about specific visas and can be read or searched for any Permanent Residence visa that may interest you.

State Visa Processing Times

Each Australian state or territory has its own timetable for processing its state related visas. For example, read here about visa processing times for South Australia.

And read here for the state of Victoria.

And here for the state of New South Wales.

Australian Citizenship Times

This Department of Home Affairs page has up-to-date information on processing times for Australian citizenship.

“COVID-19 Impact on Visa Processing Times: ‘Visas continue to be processed, though some applications may take longer’

“Amid speculations surrounding offshore visa processing, the Department of Home Affairs has clarified that visa applications continue to be processed during the coronavirus pandemic, but decision delays cannot be ruled out.” Source: SBS. Read more.

Covid 19 and Australian Border Restrictions

Read this Australian government page to learn up-to-date information regarding entry restrictions to Australia because of Covid19.

Discuss Visa Processing Times With a Migration Agent

There can be individual circumstances that can speed up or slow down individual processing times for applications. Discuss your case and its particular circumstances with a Migration Ways immigration specialist during a phone or Skype consultation. Book your consultation here.

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