December 2, 2021

Los Angeles to Australia and Melbourne

hollywood sign in los angeles film production

Many American Films, TV Shows and Commercials are Shot in Australia

LA to Melbourne

If you’re a Los Angelino who is a film producer, spouse of an Australian, or simply a traveller, Migration Ways can help you apply for your visa to enter the land called Down Under. We can also help other Angelinos or Americans understand the myriad of Australian visas (99 and counting!) and advise them on what is the best visa for them to travel, work or live in Australia. To personally help you, we have a visa expert with extensive local knowledge of both LA and Melbourne.

alberta miculan australian immigration consultant and american citizen

Alberta Miculan, Former Resident of Los Angeles

Migration Ways co-director Alberta Miculan is an American-Australian who lived 25 years in the City of Angels and knows well its industries, citizens and high business standards. Alberta speaks American! She has helped many Angelinos to enter Australia, especially from the film, television and commercial production industries. Alberta understands the specific context and needs of the entertainment industry, as well as those of many other businesses and individuals from California. If you are in the Entertainment or Hi-Tech industries read more information about Australian visas related to your industries, such as the 408 Entertainment visa, the 189 Skilled Independent visa, and the 190 Skilled Nominated visa.

Call Our LA Hotline!

Please call our office using this Los Angeles phone number: 310-278-2574. Any of our overseas clients call also call us via Skype, at: migrationways.australia  

skyline of new york city film production

New York City is Now a Film-TV Production Hub

New York Production Companies

Alberta can also help production companies from anywhere in the United States, especially New York and Atlanta.

Book a Consultation with Alberta Miculan, Your Australian Visa Expert

To investigate and discuss possible vias pathways for you to live in or enter Australia, contact Alberta now, via this form 

Interesting Facts About Americans in Australia

Lyman Stone, an American academic and writer at the “In a State of Migration” website, reveals the following interesting fact from his research: “there was only one country that had received more historic migration from the US than the US had received from it: Australia. For some reason, Australia has succeeded in attracting a relatively larger US diaspora than other countries.”

Mr. Stone continues, “there were 90,000 US-born individuals in Australia in 2011, up from 60,000 in 2001.” He further notes that “the US-born community in Australia is the 6th largest American diaspora group in the world”, but also adds that this total figure is relatively low. “US-born individuals come to [just] 0.4% of Australia’s population.” Read more about Americans coming to Australia.

australia is an island at the bottom of the earth

Australia, the Island Continent Down Under

Why Americans Come to Australia

Mr. Stone also told the Sydney Morning Herald why Americans come to Australia: “‘Australia has enjoyed relatively rapid economic growth over the last five to 15 years,” he explains, noting that Australia also offered a mix of the foreign and the familiar that made a move attractive.

“‘My inclination is that Australia is about as exotic as it gets while still getting to speak English and live an approximately American-feeling lifestyle. It feels simultaneously close to home and quite far from home – on the edge of the world but part of the edge of the world you can actually get to.’” Read more of this article about why Americans come to Australia.

Americans Traveling to Melbourne

Migration Ways is headquartered in Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, situated in Australia’s south east corner. The flight from LAX in Los Angeles to Tullamarine in Melbourne is 12,683 km, with non-stop flight travel time for the journey being about 14.5 hours.

melbourne skyline at night

Melbourne and the Yarra River at Night

Americans and Melbourne

Melbourne has a strong American presence, including a US consulate and an American Chamber of Commerce.

The “Live in Melbourne” website notes the following facts about Melbourne and Americans:

“19% of American migrants choose to live in Melbourne

2850 Americans have migrated to Victoria since 2011

37 YEARS average age

48% of American migrants are families with children and 25% are couples with no children

54% have Australian citizenship”

Other Stats Re Americans and Melbourne

The “Budget Direct” website reports the following statistics about Americans visiting Melbourne. The stats are primarily from 2018, when almost 800,000 Americans visited Australia and spent $4 billion here.

–Three million foreign visitors came to Victoria, with 2.9 million of those visiting Melbourne.

–Melbourne is the second biggest market for tourists coming to Australia from the United States.

–32% of American visitors come to Melbourne and stay an average of 17 nights in the country.

what's on in melbourne

Things to Do in Melbourne

Things for Americans to Enjoy in Melbourne

Melbourne and the state of Victoria have many attractions that Americans enjoy. Learn more about these by visiting the websites listed lower, but some favorites the staff of Migration Ways can personally recommend are:

Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary

Victorian Era Collins Street in Melbourne

Many Classic Pubs. Especially those from the 1890s, when Melbourne was the richest city in the world.

The Botanical Gardens and Shrine of Remembrance

Film Sites for the Miss Fisher Television Series

Scenic Country Towns such as Yarra Glen and Dromana

Learn About the Joys of Melbourne

Read our article about other attractions that Melbourne offers and find links of Things to Do in this exciting city and for official services helping tourists and migrants.

Check out these helpful websites for American workers, migrants and tourists to Australia.

Useful Links re Living in Melbourne

Read this article about Victoria (and Melbourne) and its many links about Things to Do in the Garden State. 

 Travel serenely in our experienced hands

map of australia with australian flag

Many Americans Travel to or Work in Australia

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