December 2, 2021

Israelis in Australia

The Israeli flag, the home of many Israelis who visit Australia and Melbourne to work

Each Year Many Israels Obtain Visas to Work and Travel in Australia

Australia and Israel

According to Haaretz, a leading Israeli newspaper, about 15,000 Israelis live in Australia. Noting that this number has doubled in the last ten years, the paper added that the rise was explained by “a confluence of economics, security and lifestyle reasons.”

Professor Andrew Markus of Melbourne’s Monash University told Haaretz, “I see it more an issue of Israel becoming a normal player in the international labor market. Their skills are in demand and to get into Australia you have to have skills.”

Australian Visas for Israelis

One significant way for young Israelis to live and work in Australia is via the 462 Work and Holiday visa, which allows Israelis to work in Australia for up to 1 year, but only five hundred 462 visas are allocated each year. For 2018, submission of Israeli applications for the 462 visa began on July 1 and must be lodged at the Australian embassy in Berlin. Read more information about the Australian Work and Holiday visa regarding Israelis.

Working Holiday Visas for Israelis

Two important conditions for the 462 Work and Holiday visa are: Applicants must be between 18 and 31 years old and must have “functional English.” Those Israelis awarded a 462 visa can work anywhere in Australia for up to one year but only “for up to six months with each employer.” It is possible to apply for a second Working Holiday visa, but applicants first need to work 88 days in a regional (generally a non-state capital city) area of Australia in a specifically stipulated job. Having met these criteria, the successful applicants now become eligible to work anywhere in Australia for an additional 12 months.

For more information about Australia’s Working Holiday visas and which other countries besides Israel are eligible.

Read about recent changes to the Working Holiday visa for Israelis.

 For information about other Australian visas Israelis might apply for and where they must be lodged.

Melbourne’s Visas Agency for Israelis 

To talk with a registered expert in Australian visas, including the 462 and 417 Working Holiday visas, contact Migration Ways now. We do Skype consultations for clients around the world and in-office consultations for those living in Melbourne. Our main office is located in the Melbourne CBD.

The Australian outback and animals like Kangaroos are very popular with tourists.

Many Israelis visit Australia to see the nature and kangaroos

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