December 2, 2021

Invited participant in an event 408 Visa

Sportspeople, academics, religious leaders, dance choreographer and many others can enter Australia on the408 “Invited participant in an event” Visa

Sportspeople can enter Australia on the 408 Invited participant in an event visa

Australia’s 408 Visa for Sports, Academics, Speakers, Authors

If you have been invited to participate in an event by an Australian organisation, the subclass 408 visa, under the “Invited participant in an event” category, may be suitable for you. The following information about this option is from the Department of Home Affairs website.

 “Invited participant in an event

“You can apply under the Invited Participant activity type of this visa if you intend to stay for three months or less and have been invited by an Australia organisation to participate in social and cultural activities associated with community-based events, for example:

  • sports competitors (and their support staff including managers, medical staff, coaches, referees, officials) participating in events, touring as part of an overseas sports team or undertaking a training programme…
  • ministers conducting religious services or engaging in other religious activities as a guest of an Australian religious institution
  • religious workers at a religious event
  • academics engaging in lectures, workshops or research activities invited by a tertiary academic institution
  • public speakers or lecturers
  • speakers, presenters and exhibitors at trade fairs, expos, exhibitions, conferences, workshops or seminars
  • entertainers attending specific promotional events (but not performing)
  • artists engaging in the creation of visual art, or holding exhibitions of their work
  • authors at a writers festival presenting work in front of an audience
  • dance choreographers conducting dance workshops which includes a closing performance (non-ticketed)
  • persons participating as competitors in non-sporting competitions, such as dance competitions, music competitions, online gaming competitions, student competitions (see also Visitor visas)”

Source: The Department of Home Affairs

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Lecturers, academics, ministers, authors, speakers and presenters can apply for the “Invited participant in an event” 408 visa

Lecturers, academics, ministers, authors, speakers and presenters can apply for the “Invited participant in an event” 408 visa

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