December 2, 2021

Immigration Victoria

victorian state flag

The Flag of the State of Victoria in Australia

Visas for Living, Working, Studying, Touring in Victoria

The state of Victoria, set in the south east corner of Australia, is the country’s second most populous state and second largest economy. Victoria has many attractions for migrants, students and tourists, including a broad range of landscapes (beach, mountain, & plain) and many lifestyle choices. Melbourne, Victoria’s capital, for example, has often been voted the world’s most liveable city and is the home to many migrant communities and food experiences. Other major population centres of Victoria, such as Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Shepparton and Warrnambool, also offer a range of lifestyle choices and work opportunities.

Most importantly, Victoria offers a variety of visa opportunities for foreigners wanting to travel, study live and work in Australia. The many foreigners wanting to experience Victoria need a visa to do so. Australia offers almost 100 visas foreigners may apply for. Let’s look briefly at some of the key visas that that you might want to consider in your quest to live down under.

outline of victoria australia

The State of Victoria in Australia’s South East Corner

Australian Occupation Lists: The Best Visa Pathway for You?

Arguably one of the best ways to obtain a visa that allows you to live and work in Australia is via an Australian government (federal and state) Occupation List. Australian Occupation Lists note the Skilled jobs that are deemed by these different Australian governments to be in demand across Australia but which are not being filled by Australians. Because of these labour shortages, visas have been made available for foreign nationals who are experienced in these Occupations and who pass all the eligibility requirements.

Study these Occupation Lists and if your job is on one of the lists, contact Migration Ways to book a consultation with one of our visa experts to assess if you are eligible to apply.

You can also go to this page of the Australian Department of Home Affairs and scroll down to the search function to check if your Occupation is on one of the (national) Skilled Occupation Lists. The search results will also show you which visa is linked to this Occupation.

australian bird artworks on grain silos australia

Grain Silos in Tungamah Victoria

Victoria Occupation List

Victoria has its own Occupation List, which you can check here. If your Occupation is on this list, that means that this job is currently in demand in Victoria and so could be a possible visa pathway for you.

Regional Visas Victoria 

Outside of the capital city of Melbourne there are other major Victorian urban centres, including the cities of Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, and Shepparton. These areas offer possibilities for you to apply for a Regional visa, if you pass the eligibility criteria. Read more about the opportunity of Regional visas. If you think you are eligible to apply for a Regional visa contact Migration Ways to book a consultation to discuss this possible opportunity.

seal basking in the sun australia

Seal at Beautiful Warrnambool

DAMA Visas Victoria

Victoria has its own DAMA (Designated Area Migration Agreement) which offers foreigners another opportunity to live and work in Regional Australia. Victoria’s DAMA area is in the beautiful coastal area of Warrnambool. Learn more about this Agreement and this scenic locale on Victoria’s south west coast and the skills assessment for this DAMA.

Student Visas Victoria 

Each year around 200,000 foreigners from 170 countries study in Victoria’s schools. Learn more about Australian Student visas, including the Student Guardian 590 visa.

Work Visas

Australia has at least seven work visas, especially the popular 482 Work visa. Study the work visas on this page to learn if one could be a pathway for you to work in Australia.

cattle on victoria ranch

Victorian Cattle Ranch. Many Australian Farm-Ranch Workers are on Working Holiday Visas

Working Holiday Visas

If you are between the ages of 18 and 31, a Working Holiday visa could be the best visa for you to enter Australia to work. Australia’s two Working Holiday visas allow young adults between these ages from select countries to travel, work, study and live in Australia for now up to three years. Learn more about the great opportunity of Australia’s Working Holiday visas.

Skilled Visas

Read this article about Australia’s Skilled visas and learn if your Occupation is currently in demand in Australia.

job search australia

Search for Vacant in Demand Jobs in Australia

Tips of How to Find Jobs in Australia

Please read our article of practical ways you can find employers and vacant jobs in Australia.

Travel and Tourism Information for Victoria

For those interested in experiencing the lifestyle and opportunities of the state of Victoria, please read on to learn some highlights of the history and attractions of the Garden State.

For more information about the history and attractions of Victoria, click these links:

History of Victoria

Guide to Things to See in Victoria

Visit Victoria: Discovering Things to Do in Victoria

Travel in Victoria: Things to See and Do in Victoria

Corporate Victoria: Events and Tourism in Victoria

beach, sand, park in williamstown victoria

Beautiful Williamstown Beach in Melbourne Australia

Travel, Tourism and Official Information for Melbourne

Also visit the following web pages for helpful information about Melbourne.

Learn About the Joys of Melbourne

Migration Ways is proud to be headquartered in beautiful and exciting Melbourne. Read our article about some of the attractions that Melbourne offers and find links of Things to Do in this great city and to official services to help tourists and migrants.

Useful Links re Living in Melbourne

Visit Melbourne: What to See and Do in Melbourne

Things to Do in Melbourne, History and Heritage

Live in Melbourne: Learn About Melbourne’s Lifestyle

buller mountain in victoria australia

Mt. Buller, Victoria

A History of Victoria

Victoria was first (temporarily) settled in 1803 and Melbourne was later founded in 1835. The state has a rich and colourful history of settlement, economic opportunity and waves of migration. The following webpages reveal much of the history of the state of Victoria.

A Timeline of the History of Victoria, from Travel Victoria 

More History of Victoria, from Wikipedia

Even More History of Victoria, from Museums Victoria

History of Immigration to Victoria, from Museums Victoria  

A History of Victoria Through Film, from Museums Victoria

italian pizza on lygon

Lygon Street Melbourne is Australia’s Leading Italian Foodie Area

Italians in Victoria

One of Migration Ways’ clienteles is Italians and our company is owned and managed by two Australian Italiana, Rebecca Santaera and Alberta Miculan. Learn more about Italians in Australia/Victoria and the Italian work of Migration Ways.

Read about Rebecca Santaera and her work to help Italian migrants.

Read about Migration Ways in Italian.

The History of Lygon Street

More specifically, watch the trailer of Lygon Street, a documentary about Melbourne’s famous Italian eatery area.

Or view the full movie of Lygon Street on SBS. (If you are in Australia, via this link you can also watch for free thousands of films and television shows for many non-English speaking migrant audiences.)

photo or alberta miculan and rebecca santaera

Alberta Miculan & Rebecca Santaera, Co-directors of Migration Ways

The Services of Migration Ways to Help You

This short article highlights the services, staff, and ethics of Migration Ways, one of Melbourne’s leading immigration specialists.

What We Do as Your Migration Agent

This short article highlights information about the work of Migration Ways and its staff.

Book a Consultation with an Australian Visa Specialist

To investigate and discuss possible vias pathways for you to live in Victoria, contact Migration Ways now.

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