December 2, 2021

How to Find Farm and Harvest Work in Australia

a woman picking an apple in australia

Australia Needs Fruitpickers

Farm Jobs: Skilled, Working Holiday and Regional Visas 

Lots of foreigners work on Australian farms. Many of these workers are on Working Holiday visas doing harvest work, while others are on Skilled, Work and Regional visas doing more skilled work.

During the current coronavirus crisis, the farming industry still needs workers and now could be a good time for current Working Holiday visa holders to do their 88 days farm work and for other visa holders to check out work in Australia’s country areas.

a giant tractor and farm worker

Australian Farms Need Skilled Workers

Skilled Farm Jobs in Australia

There are many skilled farm jobs available in Australia. Check the Occupation Lists on this page to learn what skilled farm jobs are currently in demand across Australia.

Visas for Skilled Farm Workers

Australian visas that a skilled farm worker might apply for include:

186 Employer Nomination Scheme Permanent Visa

Learn about the 186 visa.

482 Temporary Skill Shortage Temporary Visa

Learn about the 482 Work visa.

491 Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa

Learn about the 491 Regional visa.

494 Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Provisional Visa

Learn about the 494 Regional visa.

Learn about Australia’s DAMA Region Based Visas.

search for australian farm jobs

Websites to Find Australian Skilled Farm Jobs

Skilled Farm Job Search Websites

Search on the following job sites (in alphabetical order) for skilled farm work in Australia.

(Please note that Migration Ways has no relationship with or personal knowledge of any of the websites or organizations cited on this page.)

Agri Labour

AG Workforce

Job Outlook Livestock Farm Work

Jora Farm Work Victoria

Rural Enterprises

Seek Farm Jobs

Skills Road

harvest times for skilled farm jobs in australia

Check Out a Calendar for Australian Harvest Times

Harvesting & Fruit Picking Calendar and Jobs in Australia

During the various picking/harvesting seasons across Australia there is an abundance of farm work. As Australia has many different crops and fruits across a wide range of landscapes in a continent of 7.7 million square kilometres, harvest dates differ widely across the nation. Read this Australian harvest and crop calendar.

Working Holiday Visas for Harvest & Fruit Picking Work

Australian farmers are dependent on foreign workers to help with their crops and fruits. Much of this labour is available to work on Australian farms because of Working Holiday visas. There are two Australian Working Holiday visas, depending on which country you come from.

Learn about the 417 Working Holiday visa.

Learn about the 462 Work and Holiday visa.

sites to find australian harvest jobs

Websites to Search for Harvest & Fruit Picking Jobs

Harvest & Fruit Picking Job Search Websites

Following is a list of websites (in alphabetical order) of where to search for Farm, Harvest, and Fruit Picking jobs in Australia.

Agri Labour

Australian Backpackers

Australian Department of Education, Skills and Employment

Australian Farmers

Backpacker Job Board

Dutchess Travel Diary

Farm Work Australia

Fruit Picking Jobs

Harvest Trail


Job Search Harvest

Picking Jobs Australia

Rural Enterprises Western Australia

Seek Harvest Jobs

Tips to Find Employers and Work in Australia

Read this article of tips of how to find jobs and employers in Australia.

Farm Work and State Border Closures

Please be aware that because of the coronavirus pandemic some Australian states/territories have closed their borders. You will need to check the rules for each state, but some states have stipulated that if you cross into their territory you must self-isolate for 14 days. Read more about these state border crossing restrictions here and here. And here.

To read up-to-date releases re state border closures consult the Australian Interstate Quarantine website.

Documentary of Australian Farm Work for Italians

Watch the documentary 88 Days (on Australian Farms) about young Italians blossoming on Australia’s farms. View the trailer for 88 Days.

Read this article about harvest work in Tasmania.

Consult with an Australia Visa Expert

If you are trying to understand which is the best visa or immigration pathway for you, contact Migration Ways to book a one-on-one consultation with one of our registered experts.

working holiday visa holder working on an australian farm

Is Now the Time for Working Holiday Visa Holders to Do Their 88 Days Farm Work?

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