December 2, 2021

Graduate 476 Visa for Engineers

car engineers and mechanics in australia

Australia Needs Engineers

The 476 Graduate Visa

Australia needs engineers and has various visa programs that allow foreign engineers to work Down Unda. The most significant Australian visa for foreign engineers is the 476 Graduate visa.

The Department of Home Affairs notes the following about the 476 visa:

“Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa

“This visa allows recent engineering graduates to live, work or study in Australia for up to 18 months. You must have completed a degree or higher qualification from a specified institution within the past 2 years, and be under 31 years of age.”

The 476 is a temporary visa that can be applied for in Australia or overseas, but you must be offshore when the visa decision is made. Family members may also apply with you for the 476 visa. Learn more about the eligibility requirements of the 476 Graduate visa.

female engineer at work

Female Engineer at Work

Skilled Visas

After being on your 476 visa and you want to stay and work longer in Australia, a Skilled visa could be a good option for you. During your 476 visa work stay you will have gained more work experience and made contacts, so you will now be better placed to apply for a Skilled (or Employer Sponsored) visa.

Learn more about Australia’s Skilled visas and other Work visas.

Skilled Occupation Lists

Regarding Skilled visas, it can be helpful to know what jobs are on Australia’s national Occupation lists and state Occupation lists. These occupations are those that governments in Australia have decided need to be filled, consequently visas have been made available for these occupations. Links to the Occupation lists for Australia and its eight states and territories follow.

Each Australian state or territory has an Occupation list for jobs that need to be filled in that state.

Search These 9 Pages for Occupation Lists in Australia

Australia’s National Skilled Occupation Lists

State Occupation Lists

Each Australian state or territory has an Occupation list for jobs that need to be filled in that state.

Victorian Occupation List

New South Wales (NSW) Occupation List

Queensland Occupation List

South Australia Occupation List

Western Australia Occupation List

Tasmania Occupation List

Northern Territory Occupation List

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Occupation List

tips for finding jobs in australia

Search Occupations in Australia

SkillSelect – Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)

Another possible avenue for skilled foreigners to seek an Australian visa is through SkillSelect. The Department of Home Affairs notes the following re SkillSelect:

“Use SkillSelect to make an expression of interest (EOI) if you are a skilled worker or business person from overseas who wants to migrate to Australia. All EOIs must be completed online using SkillSelect. An EOI is not a visa application and there is no fee to create or submit an EOI in SkillSelect.

“For certain programs you may be required to participate in a skills assessment or appropriate points test. You will be able to complete an EOI even if you don’t meet the pass mark, but you will not be eligible to be invited to apply for a visa.”

Discover more about SkillSelect and how it might be a good visa avenue for you.

Institution of Engineers Australia

Have Your Skills Assessed

Skills Assessment

As part of the Skilled visa application process, engineers (and other trades/skilled persons) will need to have their skills assessed. There are many institutions who perform this service for all trades, but the main one for engineers is the Institution of Engineers Australia.

Check this list of approved bodies in Australia that perform skills assessments for all industries.

Learn more about Australian skills assessment.

Australian Permanent Visas

Read a general introduction of other Australian Permanent visas you may wish to consider once you have your 476 temporary visa.

Australian Regional Visas

One way to remain in Australia to work and live after your 476 visa expires is Regional visas. Read this general introduction to Australia’s two main Regional visas, the 491 and the 494.

regional visas 491 and 491 allow you to work on australian farms

Work in Regional Australia


A more recent opportunity of a way to obtain a visa to live and work in Australia is through the new (and increasing) DAMA programs instituted across regional Australia. Read this introduction to DAMAs from the Department of Home Affairs.

Finding Employers

Consult this article of tips of how to find jobs and employers in Australia.

Your Australian Immigration Consultant

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