December 2, 2021

Chef and Cook Visas: Australian Hospitality Visas

Chefs and cooks, migrant workers in Australia

Migration Ways Has Helped Many Chefs and Cooks Obtain Australian Visas

Hospitality Visas 

Many of Melbourne’s leading restaurants are clients of Migration Ways visa services. Migration Ways has secured countless visas for hospitality professionals such as Chefs, Cooks and Restaurant Managers. These professionals have come from many countries, including Italy, France, Greece, UK, Ireland, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, China, and India. We especially work with the Italian and Spanish communities and our visa experts are fluent in Italian and Spanish.

Visas for Foreign Chefs and Cooks

Foreign Chefs, Cooks and Restaurant Managers may be eligible for various skilled and employer sponsored visas. To discuss all your visa options, contact Migration Ways. Our bi-lingual, registered agents are knowledgeable with the criteria that hospitality industry visa applicants must meet. We can save you time and take the worry out of applying for any visa that you or your employee may need.

Working as a Chef or Cook in Melbourne

If you are interested in living and working in Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, and the food, arts, and sport capital of Australia, visit the Live in Melbourne website. Also learn if “as a Chef you could be eligible for Victorian visa nomination.”

Jobs for Chefs and Cooks

If you are a Chef or a Cook and looking for a job in Australia, Migration Ways is not a recruiter, but we offer this advice to find work in Australia. We do, however, have an industry relationship with Chef Connect, an Australian specialist chef recruitment agency that sources talent at all levels, from Commis Chef to Executive Chefs for Australian hospitality businesses.

Read this page for links to Australian job sites.

Chef Connect and Chef Jobs

Experts in permanent placement, Chef Connect finds top talent for restaurants, bars, hotels, pubs, clubs, catering companies, as well as the cruise ship industry. To see the  latest job offers on the website of Chef Connect.

More Information about Chefs in Melbourne and Migration Ways

Read more about Chefs in Melbourne.

Here is an article about the great attractions of Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city.

Read about our bi-lingual agents who specialise in chefs and visas.

Read reviews of our registered migration agents, many from workers in the hospitality industry.

Read about Migration Ways in Italian and read about us in Spanish.

Travel serenely in our experienced hands!

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A Spanish dish. Spanish citizens need a visa to work in Australia

Many Spanish and Italian Chefs and Cooks use the Immigration Visa Service of Migration Ways

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