December 2, 2021

Changing Australian Visas

change your visa here

You May Be Able to Change Your Australian Visa

Want to Change Your Australian Visa?

As we all know too well, we live in challenging times. And for many foreigners currently living in Australia and for those wanting to be here, it can be an especially challenging time. In reaction to Covid19, Australia has rigorous restrictions against people entering the country, and this includes a quota on the number of Australian citizens who can return each day to their homeland. Compounding these problems is the Australian federal government’s failure to release a plan of when travellers and students will be allowed to enter the country.

But in times of trouble one can often also find ways forward. If you are a foreign national already in Australia, there may be ways to apply for, renew or change a visa, even in these times of Covid19 restrictions.

Learn About a Better Australian Visa for You

Often the best way for foreigners in Australia to secure their stay here is to obtain a longer-term visa that is a pathway to permanent residence and citizenship.

And while every visa case has its own particular circumstances, the migration agents of Migration Ways are very experienced at problem solving to find solutions for our clients. See these reviews as just two examples of such help.

Dawid Sionkowski I had really tough and complicated visa situation, Alberta patiently worked out all possible solutions and presented me all alternative choices I had, which really helped me to make best decisions and achieving my visa goals. 

Indy R They look outside of the box to see what is possible.

Read more reviews of Migration Ways.

Perhaps now is the best time for you to consider having a consultation with a Migration Ways co-director — Rebecca Santaera or Alberta Miculan — to discuss your case and needs. Don’t try to figure out by yourself the multitude of Australian visas and their many specific benefits and risks. Instead, pick the brain of an Australian visa and immigration expert.

Write to Migration Ways for a Consultation

Contact Migration Ways by either email or via our website:



In your first written query to us, tell us briefly about your visa, permanent residence, or citizenship need and your personal circumstances and background. We will reply (mostly within 2 business days) with either some simple information that answers your query or with a booking form for a paid one-hour consultation to discuss your case and options.

Learn more about Migration Ways consultations.

Further Visa, Permanent Residence and Citizenship Information

Search the Migration Ways website for visa information. (The search box is in the top righthand corner of the site.)

Learn about Australia’s Permanent Residence visas.

Learn about Australian Citizenship.

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Ask Migration Ways About Other Australian Visa Options For You


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