December 2, 2021

Australian Visas for Spanish

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Enjoy the Spanish Quarters in Melbourne and Sydney

Spanish and Australian Visas

Australia has many temporary and permanent visas that foreigners wanting to live and work in this country can apply for. Following are links to articles about some of the more popular Australian visas that may best suit citizens of Spain.



Working Holiday.

Film and Television.


Read more about Australia’s Working Holiday visa for Spaniards.

Migration Ways Caters to the Spanish Market

Migration Ways is a leading Australian immigration consultancy that caters to Spanish communities. We have helped clients from Spain, Columbia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and others. We provide individualized service in Spanish as well as in Italian and English and we are especially experienced in the hospitality and entertainment industries.

Our co-owner Alberta Miculan speaks fluent Spanish. Alberta studied Spanish at university in Australia and has travelled throughout Spain and South America, as well as living in California for 25 years.

Read more about the Spanish services of Migration Ways.

Read the Migration Ways Spanish Language Home Page.

Read the Migration Ways About Us Page in Spanish.

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Reviews of Migration Ways

Excellent service. At Migration ways they are professional and efficient, always there to assist you with any enquiry without forgetting courtesy and kindness. Thank you to Alberta for her help and assistance and to all the lovely staff at migration ways. Rita Sanseverino Ceraglia

Rebecca and her team are very efficient. It’s not always easy going through all the bureaucracy required to get a Visa by yourself. Their help has been indispensable and I got a sponsorship Visa granted in less than 3 months. Highly recommended. Federico Gualtieri

Read more reviews of Migration Ways.

Contact Migration Ways

Book an internet or phone consultation with one of our visa experts and learn which of the many Australian visas may best suit you and your individual circumstances.

A History of the Spanish and Australia

The Spanish have been visiting Australia since the 17th century. The National Library of Australia reports the following about this first contact: “In about October 1606, Spaniard Luis Vaez de Torres sailed through the strait that now bears his name, between the northern tip of Cape York and New Guinea. He probably sighted the Australian mainland, but there is no evidence that he landed.”

Spanish Settling in Australia

The Cultural Atlas of SBS continues the story of Spanish coming to Australia: “The first Spaniard to live in Australia was a male who arrived in 1821 and settled in New South Wales. More Spanish settlers migrated during the 19th century – many in search of fortune during the gold rush. However, their total numbers were very small throughout the 1800s (peaking at around 500) and the first half of the 20th century, remaining at less than 1,000.

“Many early settlers were offered assisted passages to Australia as rural workers in Queensland’s cane cutting industry. Many others worked as tomato growers. Women and families often did not have the same opportunity to qualify under Australia’s migration policy as it restricted most migration from Southern Europe. Therefore, most of the Spaniards during this period were men (roughly 80%).

“This changed later on with an influx of Spanish migration at the end of the Spanish Civil War (1939). Australia made a Spanish-Australian Migration Agreement in 1958 to give assisted migration. Indeed, much of today’s Spain-born population comprises those who migrated to Australia in the 1960s under this government-to-government assisted passage program, either as children at the time or as adults.”

Spanish Australians Today

According to Wikipedia, “There are approximately 123,000 Australians who are [of] full or partial Spanish descent, most of whom reside within the major cities of Sydney and Melbourne, with lesser but rapidly growing numbers in Brisbane (which has over 15,000) and Perth. Of these, according to the 2006 Australian census, 12,276 were born in Spain.”

The SBS Cultural Atlas reports that “In the year ended September 2017, Australia received 40,400 visitors from Spain while 88,500 Australian residents returned from Spain following a short-term visit overseas.”

Read more statistics about Spanish in Australia, as well as many other stats about additional immigrant populations.

Spaniards in Melbourne

Spanish migration to Melbourne, the capital of the southern state of Victoria, has occurred over a long period of time, as Museums Victoria reports: “Although Spanish seafarers began exploring the South Pacific in the sixteenth century, it was not until the Victorian gold rush of the 1850s that Spanish immigrants began to arrive in Victoria. The first Spanish restaurant was opened in Melbourne in 1860. By 1871, 135 Spaniards lived in Victoria, 80% of them men. Over the next two decades, the number of Spanish women arriving in Victoria tripled; a few more men also arrived.

“The Spain-born population dramatically increased from the late 1950s, following the 1958 Spanish-Australian migration agreement. The agreement provided assisted passages to Spanish migrants, many escaping poverty and hunger. The community in Victoria increased from 374 in 1954 to 3,143 in 1966.

“During the following decades economic improvements in Spain coincided with a slowing of Spanish immigration to Australia. The Spain-born community in Victoria today has declined from 4,067 in 1986 to 3,523, in 2016.”  

The Spanish Festa in Melbourne

Each year, Melbourne has a Spanish Festa, as the Yarra City website explains:

“This two-day festival, which began in 1978 and was inspired by the commemoration of one thousand years of Spanish language, continues to attract tens of thousands of visitors to Johnston Street, Fitzroy.

“Johnston Street Fiesta is a celebration of Hispanic Latin and American culture and brings an infectious fun atmosphere to Fitzroy. This is one of the best street parties in Melbourne.

“The celebrations include entertainment on two stages and an amazing array of Spanish and Latin-American cuisine that ranges from smoky barbeques to chocolate covered churros.”

Read more about Melbourne’s annual Spanish Festa.

Spanish Restaurants in Melbourne

Melbourne has numerous Spanish restaurants and cafes, especially in the Spanish Quarter of Johnston Street.

Read more about Spanish eateries in Melbourne and where to find them.

The Melbourne Spanish Club

The Sydney Spanish Club

Learn more about Sydney’s Spanish Quarter.

Spanish Organizations in Australia

Spanish Embassy in Canberra.

The Consulate-General of Spain in Melbourne.

The Spanish – Australian Chamber of Commerce.

Read about South Americans in Australia.

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