December 2, 2021

Australian Visas for South Africans

south african flag, many south africans now live in australia

Flag of South Africa

South Africans in Australia

For citizens of South Africa, Australia is an attractive option to live because both countries share so many important things. Australia and South Africa lie on similar latitudes in the southern hemisphere so have an alike climate. Both countries share historical and sporting backgrounds. Many South Africans, for example, have a British background so speak English and love rugby, soccer and cricket. Not to forget an enjoyment of beaches, BBQs and national parks.

map of the southern hemisphere showing Australia and South Africa

South Africa and Australia Have Similar Climates

And a shared history, as the Museum of Victoria reports: “There have been strong links between South Africa and Australia since colonisation. The gold rushes of the 1850s attracted South African prospectors to Victoria, and the discovery of gold in the Transvaal in 1886 reversed the trend, with prospectors leaving Victoria for South Africa. Some Victorian soldiers also remained in South Africa after the Boer War of 1899-1902. By 1911, when the Australian census first recorded South Africans, 754 were living in Victoria.”

The 2016 Australian census reports that 104,128 South African migrants were living in Australia, with 27.3 per cent of these residing in Sydney.

The Museum of Victoria website also reports that “In 2011, 24,447 people of South African birth lived in Victoria – giving Victoria the fourth-largest population of South Africa-born people after Western Australia. One in six were Jewish; 60% were Christian.”

surfers catching waves at an australian beach

Surfing in Australia

South Africa Today

Recent turmoil in South Africa has heightened Australia’s attractiveness to South Africans. The most recent trouble in South Africa is the threat of the government to expropriate the farms (without compensation) of white South Africans. South African farmers might find that Australia’s Regional visas are a great opportunity.

the track leading into an Australian farm in regional australia

A Farm in Regional Australia

Regional Visas

NOTE The 187 and 489 visas were discontinued on Nov 16, 2019, and replaced by the 491 and 494 Regional visas.

There are two Australian regional visas for South Africans to take advantage of: The Regional Sponsored Permanent Residence 187, and the Skilled Regional Provisional 489, but the 187 visa is the more common of these two options. The 187 visa allows successful petitioners to work in specific regional and low population growth areas of Australia.

For the 187 visa, the classification as a regional area of Australia is determined by the post code of the area where your nominating employer’s business is located. Read the list of approved postcodes.

Also study the current “Combined current list of eligible skilled occupations” to see if your job is on it.

And read more about the 187 Regional visa.

a wheat farmer inspecting his crop

Farming Wheat in Australia

Skilled Visas

Other Australian visas South Africans might want to consider are the various Skilled Visas, especially the 189 Skilled Independent visa, which does not require sponsorship from an employer. Read more about the 189, 190 and 498 Skilled Visas.

Study the current “Combined current list of eligible skilled occupations” to see if your job is on it.

Read more about Skilled Visas.

Other Australian Visa Options

There are many other Australian visas that might be appropriate for South Africans. For example, the student 500 and 485 visas.  And the TSS Work 482 visa,  the Entertainment 408 visa, and the Temporary Short Stay Specialist Work 400 visa.

Read more about the many visas we consult about on our website under the Visas tab.

a night view of sydney harbour, the opera house, and the sydney bridge

Sydney Harbour

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migrants in australia helping to develop the country and raising the australian flag

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