December 2, 2021

Australian Visas for Nepalese

nepalese flag and australia

Many Nepalese Study in Australia

Nepalese Students in Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported that “Most people would be able to name China and India as the top two source countries of international students coming to Australia. But Nepal coming third may be a surprise.

“The country of just under 30 million people, best known as the home of the Himalayas and Mount Everest, now accounts for 7 per cent of foreigners studying in Australia: much more than nearer, larger and more developed nations such as Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

“In October, 52,000 Nepalese were studying in Australia. Total enrolments were higher, at nearly 66,000, as some people are enrolled in multiple programs. The federal education department says the Nepalese market was worth $2.6 billion to Australia in 2018-19, up from $1.6 billion the previous year.”

Read more of this report about Nepalese students in Australia.

Learn about Australian Student visas.

Read this report about the life of a Nepalese student at Melbourne’s La Trobe University.

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Nepalese Girl Finger Painting

Nepalese in Australia

The Department of Home Affairs notes that “At the end of June 2017, 73,740 Nepalese−born people were living in Australia, more than nine times the number at 30 June 2007. This is the twenty-fourth largest migrant community in Australia, equivalent to 1.0 per cent of Australia’s overseas-born population and 0.3 per cent of Australia’s total population.” Read more about Nepalese in Australia and possible visas for Nepalese citizens.

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Sydney Opera House and CBD

Nepalese in Sydney

The Sydney region is the main hub of Nepalese living in Australia. SBS reports that “Rockdale, a city south of Sydney, has lost its spot as the most popular suburb to live among Nepali-speakers in Australia. The crown has gone to Auburn, which is 22 Kilometers west of Sydney CBD. The latest Census result reveals that just little less than 2,500 Nepali live in this bustling western Sydney suburb, which not surprisingly is also a home of few Nepali restaurants and grocery shops.

“The second most popular suburb for Nepali speakers is Hurstville, which is only 5 Kilometres south of Rockdale.

“The largest age-demography for Nepali-speakers were 25-29 years, which was widely expected as there has been a huge surge in Nepal students in recent years.”

“Interestingly, Nepali is third most commonly used language in Tasmanian homes after English and Mandarin.

“Nepali speaking population in Australia has increased significantly since 2011 Census. The total population of Nepali speakers counted in the recent Census is 62,002 compared to 27,155 that was recorded in 2011 census.” Continue reading this news report about Nepalese population centres in Australia.

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Nepalese in Melbourne

The ID Community website reports that the Nepalese population of Greater Melbourne is 10,288.

Nepalese and Australian Visas

Read about the following Australian visas to discover if they could be a good pathway for you to live in Australia.

Work visas.

Partner visas.

Regional visas.

Permanent Residence.

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