December 2, 2021

Australian Visas for Indians: Student, Chef, Sport, Film, and Business Visas

Photo of the Taj Mahal in India, with almost 500,000 indians now living in australia

The Taj Mahal in India, the homeland of many migrants to Australia

Indian Migration to Australia and Melbourne

Migrants from India are an important and growing part of the Australian cultural landscape. According to the 2016 census, “people born in India formed 1.9% of Australian population. 468,800 people who reside in Australia were recorded to be born in India.”

SBS further noted that “From January 2000, a total of 291,916 Indian born migrants moved to Australia on a permanent basis until the Census night of 2016, with over half of them -154,012- pledging their allegiance to Australia by becoming Australian citizens….Indian-born migrants have consistently received the most number of visas under Australia’s annual migration program.”

The number of Indian migrants to Australia and the state of Victoria were not always so high. The Museum of Victoria reports that “By the late 1970s around 12,000 [Victorians] were India-born. In the early 1980s employment opportunities in Victoria saw increasing numbers of immigrants with technical and computer skills arriving. 111,787 India-born Victorians were recorded in 2011.”

Indian Tourists to Australia Booming

The number of Indian tourists to Australia is also booming. One recent group of Indian visitors to Australia was cricket fans who visited these shores to watch the Cricket World Cup in 2015. Cricket, however, is not the main reason that Indian tourists visit Australia. According to the Consumer Demand Project “the top five Aussie attractions that appeal to the Indian traveller are the Australian beaches, iconic landmarks, wildlife, food and wine, and the Great Barrier Reef.”

Migration Ways Relationship with the Indian Community

Leading Melbourne immigration agency Migration Ways has a strong relationship with Melbourne’s Indian community. Migration Ways has, for example, prepared many visa applications for Indians working in Australia’s hospitality sector and IT industries. These visas were, respectively, the 482 Work visa and 189 Skilled visa.

Learn more about the 482 Work visa and the 189 Skilled visa.

Also read our post about Australia needing cooks and chefs.

And about Australia’s need for Tech workers.

Indian Students in Australia

After the United States, Australia is the second most popular foreign destination for Indian students. Indian nationals make up the second biggest foreign population in Australian schools, after Chinese. As of November 2017, there were nearly 70,000 Indian students studying at Australian colleges and universities. Read more about Australia’s student visas.

Regional Visas for Indians

Have you considered working in Regional Australia? Generally, Regional Australia covers all of Australia except these areas:

“Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast and Wollongong”

“the greater Brisbane area and the Gold Coast”

“Melbourne metropolitan area”

“Perth and surrounding area”

“the Australian Capital Territory”

Source: Department of Home Affairs. Also check on this page the post codes of Australian suburbs considered Regional.

This regional visa option is often overlooked by potential migrants. Please check out the opportunities of the 491 and 494 Regional visas.

Contact now a Migration Ways world-travelled and experienced immigration consultant. All our agents have been migrants themselves.

Testimonial re the Visa Work of Migration Ways

And visit our website to read more testimonials like this:

While I lived in the United States last year in April, I decided to pursue the Australian Permanent residency process and found Alberta [Miculan] as a registered MARA agent. I looked up Alberta’s credentials and wealth of experience in the field of Australian Immigration and decided to call her up. After our phone call, I was certain that she was a person I could trust to best represent my visa case. Alberta delivered well. She gave me the best advice and sometimes worked with me on days even if it meant a weekend day in Australia (my situation was a very time critical one). Alberta went above and beyond to get my application well positioned for success. My PR visa application had a successful outcome! Thank you very much Alberta & the Migration Ways team! Uday Khisty

The number of Indian tourists to Australia is also booming.

The Flag of India. India is one of the biggest sources of immigrants and students to Australia

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