December 2, 2021

Australian Visas for Filipinos: Work, Skilled, Family, Student, Regional Visas

Philippine flag and the home of migrants with visas to live and work in Australia

The Flag of the Philippines, Homeland of Many Migrants and Workers to Australia

Filipinos in Australia

More than 2.4 million Filipinos work overseas. Nearly 233,000 of these members of the Filipino diaspora live in Australia, totalling 1 per cent of the Australian population.

Australian and Philippine History

Australia and the Philippines have a long and diverse history. The World Remit website reports, for example, that “The first migrant Filipino workers recorded in Australia were divers who worked for the Broome pearling industry, arriving as early as 1872”.

During World War II, Australian troops helped liberate the Philippines, and Australia began its diplomatic relations with the Republic of the Philippines in 1946, soon after the country’s liberation.

Filipinos in Australia Today

World Remit also notes: “Fast-forward to 2018, and the Filipino community is one of the fastest-growing in [Australia] and includes more than 10,000 Filipino students enrolled in Australian universities….According to the 2016 census, New South Wales is home to the biggest number of Filipinos – in 2011, 70,388 Filipinos lived there….Victoria was home to 38,002 Filipinos in 2011”.

The Live in Melbourne website reports the following statistics about Filipinos in Melbourne (and Victoria):


migrants from the Philippines have moved to Victoria since 2011…


of Filipino migrants choose to live in Melbourne…


average age


of Filipino migrants are families with children and 16% are couples with no children…

68% have Australian citizenship”

Filipinos Working in Australia

The Australian Department of Home Affairs reports that in 2014-2015 the following occupations were among the “main occupations” for Filipinos for “Points Tested Skilled Migration outcomes and Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) grants.”


Steel and welding tradespeople


Skilled meat workers

Motor Mechanics



See this list of Australian visas that can be applied for online in the Philippines.

Please note that the issuance of visas can be a lengthy process.

Australian Visas for Filipinos

Read about the Philippines and the 600 Australian Visitor visa.

Other Australian visa options for citizens of the Philippines include:

Sponsored Family Visitor 600 visa

Temporary Short Stay 400 visa

Skilled Employer Sponsored TSS 482 visa

Skilled Regional 489 visa

Partner visas 309 & 100; 820 & 801

Family visas:

Carer 116 & 836

Remaining Relative 115 & 835

Aged Dependent Relative 114 & 838

Student 500 and 485 visas

Read the success story of Migration Ways Filipina client Ria Dellosa, who entered Australia on a Spouse visa.

Melbourne Visa Expert for Filipinos

Contact one of our registered Australian immigration specialists. All the Migration Ways agents have been migrants and have travelled the world.

Read about Migration Ways and many Australian visas on our website and social media.

Read more about the Philippines.

Melbourne has become the home to many filipinos

Melbourne, Home to Many Filipino Migrants to Australia

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