December 2, 2021

Australian Migration Consultation!

australia immigration consultation

A Visa/Immigration Consultation Can Help Clarify All Your Options

Do You Need a Visa Consultation?

We are all individuals with our own specific needs and circumstances.

There are many Australian visas and immigration laws, policies and rules.

Often the best way to marry these two contexts for a foreigner wanting to enter Australia is a consultation with a registered and experienced migration agent.

If you believe your case to emigrate to Australia is complex, don’t try to figure out the multitude of Australian visas and their many specific benefits and risks. Consult with a Migration Ways immigration agent. We have helped many hundreds of clients through the Australian visa, permanent residence and citizenship mazes. We pride ourselves on looking for the best visa options and pathways for our clients. We think outside the obvious box! Reviews from our clients attest to this success. Please read the following review snippets from satisfied Migration Ways clients:

Reviews of Immigration Agents Migration Ways

Indy R They look outside of the box to see what is possible.

Dawid Sionkowski I had really tough and complicated visa situation, Alberta patiently worked out all possible solutions and presented me all alternative choices I had, which really helped me to make best decisions and achieving my visa goals. 

Dino Zocco They helped me get Australian citizenship by descent to my son, when in other offices they told me it was not possible and that I had to do a different, longer and more expensive process. 

Federico From the start, Rebecca has been extremely helpful to find the best solution which suited my situation. 

Simon Ago They are very professional, friendly and committed to find the solution that better suits you and your family. 

Read more reviews of the work of Migration Ways at the following pages:

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The Migration Ways Consultation Process

Following are the main steps in the Migration Ways immigration/visa consultation process:

1)You contact Migration Ways by either email, phone, or website form:

+61 3 9994 2707

In this query to us, tell us briefly about your visa, permanent residence, or citizenship need and your personal circumstances and background.

2) We will reply (mostly within 2 business days) with either some simple information that answers your query or a booking form for a paid one-hour consultation to discuss your case and options.

3) If you decide to have a paid consultation with Migration Ways, you can pay either by credit card/bank transfer via an email form or over the phone at the number above. For a one-hour consultation we charge AU$150. If you later hire Migration Ways to prepare and submit your visa/permanent residence/citizenship application, your consultation charge will be deducted from your full-service fee. At this stage of the process, also inform us which of the following communication options you prefer for your consultation: Phone, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp.

4) After your booking is confirmed, our office will send you a time and communication option for your meeting with one of our two directors, Alberta Miculan or Rebecca Santaera.

We look forward to helping you understand the Australia immigration and visa processes and to find visa solutions for your quest to work, live, travel or study in Australia.

Learn more about Migration Ways.

We note that all our agents have been migrants and international travellers.

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Alberta Miculan and Rebecca Santaera, Directors of Migration Ways

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