December 2, 2021

Australian Migration Agents for Italians

A flying kangaroo visiting Australia holding an Italian flag like many Italians who migrate to Australia

Each Year Many Italians Migrate to Australia and Melbourne

Italian Speaking Migration Agents

Migration Ways is an Australian migration service that caters to Italians. We have helped many clients from across Italy and countless other Italians who are already travelling, studying or working in Australia. We are especially experienced in the entertainment and hospitality industries and have helped obtain visas for many Italian chefs and cooks. We have an office in Udine and can provide international Skype consultations in Italian, as well as English and Spanish.

Contact us in Italian now.

Our registered visa experts have more than 35 years combined experience performing migration work, including for the Australian Department of Immigration (now the Department of Home Affairs.) Co-director Alberta Miculan was born in Italy, while fellow co-director Rebecca Santaerra worked in Italy as a migration agent and is vastly experienced with the needs of Italian travellers and workers. Read Rebecca and Alberta’s biographies.

Map of Australia showing key australian towns and cities

Italian Migrants to Australia Live in Many Places

Migration Ways can assist individuals and businesses with all types of visas:

  • Visitor
  • Working Holiday
  • Student
  • Temporary Graduate
  • Entertainment
  • Skilled Temporary and Permanent Work
  • Partner
  • Permanent Residence

Let us save you time and take the worry out of applying for any visa that you or your employee may need. Call or e-mail us now to set up an appointment at our convenient Melbourne CBD office or for a Skype international phone consultation.

 Viaggia sereno nelle nostre mani!

Migration Ways, Melbourne, Australia.

Ph: +61 3 9994 2707

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