December 2, 2021

Australian Immigration Lawyers vs. Australian Immigration Agents

Use a migration agent to you apply for any australian visa and for permanent residence and citizenship

Should you use an Australian Migration Lawyer or Migration Agent?

To Use an Immigration Lawyer or Migration Agent in Australia?

Migration Ways consultants are not Australian immigration lawyers but registered Australian immigration agents. Australian migration lawyers and Australian migration agents do the same job unless you have a complex case that requires ministerial intervention or Judicial Review. Then you should consult with a migration lawyer.

Whether you choose an Australian migration agent or an Australian migration lawyer, what matters is the individual experience, skill and integrity of the professional you choose. All Migration Ways agents are registered with MARA, the Migration Agents Registration Authority, and follow its code of conduct.

Australian immigration lawyers do the same work as australian immigration agents

A Laid Back Aussie

Tips to Choose an Immigration Lawyer or Agent

Now that you have chosen to use an immigration agent or lawyer, you will need to choose one that is best for you. Consider these issues to help you decide:

1)     Get agent recommendations, read reviews.

2)     Interview potential agents. Ask: Do you specialize in immigration?

3)     What are all my visa options?

4)     Are you an expert in the visa I need?

5)     What are all the fees, from the government and your agency?

6)     Will you update me about migration law changes?

7)     And: Compare the fees of the different agents.

8)     The agent should be objective, not scaremongering or pollyannish.

9)     Have your dealings with the agent been efficient and friendly?

10)   Relax. There are many good agents to prepare your case.

To read more about choosing an immigration lawyer of agent.

A Review of Migration Ways

Rebecca and her team are very efficient. It’s not always easy going through all the bureaucracy required to get a Visa by yourself. Their help has been indispensable and I got a sponsorship Visa granted in less than 3 months. Highly recommended. Federico Gualtieri

Read more reviews of the registered Australian mgration agents.
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