December 2, 2021

An Introduction to the Visa Services of Migration Ways

There are many places for you to live and work in Australia if you have a visa to enter Australia. Especially come to Melbourne, Geelong,, Bendigo, Ballarat, and Shepparton

Migration Ways Helps You Choose the Best Visa for You

The Best Australian Visa for You

Migration Ways has helped many individuals and companies solve a problem or improve their lives. Please read our story below and learn how we can help you through the often-onerous Australian visa requirements.

About Migration Ways

Migration Ways was created three years ago to help individuals and companies in Australia and overseas with their Australian visa needs. Rebecca and Alberta (our owners/directors) have a combined 30 years’ experience working in migration in Australia, Italy, the United States, and Brazil, including Alberta working 15 years at the Australian Department of Immigration. Migration Ways now has five staff members—all have lived and worked overseas. We all know first-hand what it’s like to be travellers, workers and migrants in foreign lands.

What can Migration Ways do for you?

Our experts can help you in the following productive, stress-relieving ways:

·    We love problem solving to find the best visa for you and your specific circumstances.

·    We stay up to date on the everchanging migration laws and policies.

·    We have good relations with the relevant government and trade bodies.

·    We are expert in many visas, including SkilledWork (Temporary and Permanent)Student, Resident Return, Temporary GraduateEntertainmentPartner and Other Family Category.

·    We are experienced in working with key industries, such as film-TV, hospitality, trades, medical, engineering, IT, and many others.

·    We cater to all nationalities but have especially close relationships with the Italian, Spanish, American and Indian communities.

·    We offer in-person or Skype consultations in English, Italian and Spanish.

·    We boast registered agents who offer efficient, friendly, reasonably priced and proven service.


What do our clients say about Migration Ways?

Over the last three hectic but fulfilling years, Migration Ways has helped a multitude of clients work through the often-complex Australian visa application process. From our testimonials page, here are just two examples of feedback from our many satisfied clients:

I just wanted to take a moment to officially thank you for the brilliant work you did on Jackie Chan’s “Bleeding Steel”. Your ability to wrangle all of the Chinese applicants information, including the high profile cast and crew and then make the process as streamlined and predictable as possible for the large numbers of visas required, was greatly appreciated not only by me but also by the Chinese producers as wellPaul Currie, co-founder and director of Lightstream Pictures, Australia, producer of Bleeding Steel, Hacksaw Ridge, The King’s Daughter

I got my spouse visa approval within 7 months upon lodging, thanks to all the detailed assistance from Migration Ways! They were very hands on, very accommodating to all our queries and our concerns, and most of all very knowledgeable on the services they provide. Migration Ways was able to discuss with me and my husband all the various ways and options to make my migration to Australia fast and hassle freeRia Dellosa

Contact us now about your Australian visa needs

We are passionate about our work to help people come to this great land of opportunity. If you have any questions of how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to call or to write to us. We firmly believe that every business relationship should be a value-laden win-win.

We look forward to helping you find the best possible visa and relieving you of the headaches and hassles that the visa application process can sometimes bring. In that spirit, we wish to close with the Migration Ways motto:

                                          Travel serenely in our hands.

Best regards,

Rebecca Santaera, Registered migration agent MARN 1173748

There is nothing more rewarding than when I make that phone call to an individual or family who have their hopes invested in a future here in Australia and let them know that they are finally a Permanent Resident of this great country of ours.

Alberta Miculan, Registered migration agent MARN 1277789

I find it exciting and satisfying to find solutions for travellers needing visas so they can attain their dreams of studying, working, visiting or living in Australia. As someone who has lived in Italy, Australia and the USA and visited many other countries, I appreciate the life-enhancing opportunities of migration and world travel.

                      Contact us to find out how we can reduce visa application stress

Ph. +61 3 9994 2707 (Australia)

Ph. +1 (310) 278-2574 (USA)

Ph. +39 0432-228518 (Italy)


Migration Ways

530 Little Collins Street, Suite 312



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Australian visas for you include parent visa, spouse visa, regional visa, skilled visa, student visa, work visa, 457 visa, TSS visa, investment visa

There are Many Visas to Enter and Work in Australia

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