Australian Visa Agent and American Citizen

American Australia alberta miculan knows how to help americans get their australian visas
Are You an American Who Wants to Live, Work, Travel, or Study in Australia?

American Visa Agent in Australia

One of the owners of the Australian visa agency Migration Ways is Alberta Miculan. Alberta lived in Los Angeles for 25 years, became an American citizen, and worked at the Australian Department of Immigration (Los Angeles) for 15 years. Alberta has now been richly experienced in the migration field for almost 30 years.

Alberta understands the context and needs of Americans, especially those in the Entertainment and Tech industries or those needing Partner visas. Alberta speaks Spanish and Italian.

Read more about Alberta. Read Alberta’s statement of why she is a migration agent.

Reviews of Alberta Miculan

Read reviews of Alberta’s work. For example:

You [Alberta] also worked on the Chinese and Australian Co Production Dogfight, which required large numbers of Chinese visas to be processed in a very short time period. Everyone involved including the Chinese and Australian producers appreciated your ability to get this done with ease. No matter what challenges occurred in the process, you always remained in control and comfortably achieved everything you represented you would. In the world of visas for large-scale international productions, actually achieving what you represented on time is something you should be very proud of. Paul Currie, Co-founder and director of Lightstream Pictures, Australia

Contact Alberta Miculan today and learn how she can help you find the best visa option for you to work, live or study in Australia.

Travel serenely in our experienced hands.

One of the owners of the Australian visa agency Migration Ways is Alberta Miculan
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