December 2, 2021

Tips to Choose a Migration Agent

helping hand from a registered australian migration agent

Tips to Help You Work With a Migration Agent

Vetting An Australian Migration Agent or Lawyer

1)     Get agent recommendations, read reviews.

2)     Interview potential agents. Ask: Do you specialize in immigration?

3)     What are all my visa options?

4)     Are you an expert in the visa I need?

5)     What are all the fees, from the government and your agency?

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Australia’s Love Affair with Chefs and Cooks

pastry chefs working in australia

Many Foreign Chefs and Cooks Work in Australia

Australia’s Chef Visa

Eat at any restaurant in Melbourne and say thanks to the chef for an excellent meal and most likely he or she will reply with an accent. The Italian food in Melbourne really is cooked by Italians!

According to Bloomberg news service, “More [Australian] visas are granted to food workers than any other category…Australia’s restaurant, café and catering industry employs 554,200 people across 35,900 businesses and is the biggest contributor to the visitor economy.” The large number of foreign chefs in Australia on visas doesn’t include the many foreign-born chefs and cooks who now have permanent residence or citizenship. This multitude of recently arrived highly-skilled chefs and cooks reflects a booming hospitality industry and more gastronomically diverse and satisfied Australia. [Read more…]

Ten Tips To Help You Choose a Migration Agent

migration ways specialist for australian visas, citizenship and permanent residence

Tips of How to Choose a Migration Specialist

Choosing the Best Migration Agent

A migration agent can assist you to obtain a visa that could change your life for the better or if the visa application process fails hurt your life drastically. So please think carefully about how to choose a good migration agent.

Following are ten tips of things to consider when selecting a migration agent. Of course, these are just tips and no guarantee of finding the best agent.

1)     First the perennial question. Should I hire an agent or a lawyer? Frankly, both can do the same job unless you have a complex case that requires ministerial intervention or Judicial review. Whether you choose an agent or a lawyer, you still have the tough choice of which specific agent or lawyer to use. If you can get a recommendation from someone you trust who has used a good lawyer or agent, do consider that expert. Trust is an important commodity in any market. If you don’t have any good recommendations, then research lawyers and agents and choose several possibilities from both of these camps. What matters is the individual experience, skill and integrity of the professional you choose. [Read more…]

Merry Christmas

a xmas card from a migration agent

Again, thank you for your support during 2016.

We look forward to helping you with all your visa needs in 2017.

The Migration Ways Staff,

Rebecca, Alberta, Laura and Connie

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