December 2, 2021

Australia’s Love Affair with Chefs and Cooks

pastry chefs working in australia

Many Foreign Chefs and Cooks Work in Australia

Australia’s Chef Visa

Eat at any restaurant in Melbourne and say thanks to the chef for an excellent meal and most likely he or she will reply with an accent. The Italian food in Melbourne really is cooked by Italians!

According to Bloomberg news service, “More [Australian] visas are granted to food workers than any other category…Australia’s restaurant, café and catering industry employs 554,200 people across 35,900 businesses and is the biggest contributor to the visitor economy.” The large number of foreign chefs in Australia on visas doesn’t include the many foreign-born chefs and cooks who now have permanent residence or citizenship. This multitude of recently arrived highly-skilled chefs and cooks reflects a booming hospitality industry and more gastronomically diverse and satisfied Australia. [Read more…]

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