An Australian State Government Can Nominate for Visas

Visa Nomination by Australian States Do you know that to support your application for some Australian visas you can obtain nomination from an Australian state government? The Victorian state government Live in Victoria website notes, for instance, that “The Victorian Government offers visa nomination to selected overseas skilled workers and business people with skill-sets and […]

Leading Australian Migration Agency Can Help You Apply for All Australian Visas!

Migration Ways is a leading migration agency in Australia that assists individuals and companies with all visas to visit, study, live, work and film in Australia. Australian Migration Agency Migration Ways is a leading Australian migration agency that assists individuals and businesses with all types of visas to enter Australia. Our registered immigration consultants have more than […]

The 407 Australian Training Visa

The Australian Training 407 Visa The 407 Training visa allows successful applicants to:  “take part in workplace-based training to enhance your skills in your current occupation, area of tertiary study, field of expertise. participate in a professional development training programme in Australia.”1 The 407 Training visa can last up to 24 months. To be eligible […]

Resident Return Visas 155 & 157

Australian 155 and 157 Resident Return Visas Australian residents and some former Australian residents and citizens who want to leave and re-enter Australia need to have a Resident Return visa. To be eligible for a Resident Return visa, you must have lived two of the last five years in Australia. There are two Australian Resident […]

Australian Partner Visas

Partner Visas for Australia If you are in a romantic relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident and wish to remain in or move to Australia, there are good visa options for you. Partner/marriage Visa Streams Australia has two main streams for Partner visas: Spouse/de facto and Prospective Marriage (fiance). In these two streams, […]

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