Film and TV Production in Australia

Australian Film Production Stats  Migration Ways is a leading Australian migration agency that helps local and overseas production companies obtain 408 entertainment visas so their foreign workers can film or perform in Australia. We want to share with you some key information about the state of the Australian film/television industry that you may soon become […]

Australian Visas for South Africans

South Africans in Australia For citizens of South Africa, Australia is an attractive option to live because both countries share so many important things. Australia and South Africa lie on similar latitudes in the southern hemisphere so have an alike climate. Both countries share historical and sporting backgrounds. Many South Africans, for example, have a […]

Tasmanian Visas

Is Tasmania Your Best Australian Visa Option?  Many foreign nationals desiring to work and live in Australia should consider the state of Tasmania. The whole of this beautiful island state at the southern tip of Australia is classified as regional Australia, allowing foreigners, who meet the current visa criteria, to apply for the 190 Skilled […]

457 Work Visa

Australian Work Visa 457 On March 18, 2018, the 457 work visa was replaced by the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa . Please read about its replacement, the TSS 482 . The Temporary Business Long Stay 457 Visa (Discontinued) The Australian 457 Visa (Temporary Business Long Stay) is a temporary work visa that allows employers […]

Australian Visas for Filipinos: Work, Skilled, Family, Student, Regional Visas

Filipinos in Australia More than 2.4 million Filipinos work overseas. Nearly 233,000 of these members of the Filipino diaspora live in Australia, totalling 1 per cent of the Australian population. Australian and Philippine History Australia and the Philippines have a long and diverse history. The World Remit website reports, for example, that “The first migrant […]

Australian Visas for Chinese: Student, Working Holiday, Film, Business Owner & Investor Visas

China and Australia History Australia has a long and prosperous relationship with China. The first Chinese visitors to Australia are believed to have been in the mid-18th century. A 2014 media report revealed that an “expedition to a remote island off the coast of the Northern Territory…unearthed an 18th-century Qing dynasty coin. ‘It certainly shows the […]

Italian Migration Agent in Australia

  Italian Immigration Agent in Melbourne Rebecca Santaera, co-owner and co-director of Migration Ways, grew up in Swan Hill, in the far north of the state of Victoria in Australia. Rebecca’s family is originally from Sicily and migrated to Australia in the 1970s. Rebecca is bi-lingual, in English and Italian. Rebecca earned a Bachelor Degree […]

Australian Visas for Indians: Student, Chef, Sport, Film, and Business Visas

Indian Migration to Australia and Melbourne Migrants from India are an important and growing part of the Australian cultural landscape. According to the 2016 census, “people born in India formed 1.9% of Australian population. 468,800 people who reside in Australia were recorded to be born in India.” SBS further noted that “From January 2000, a […]

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