Los Angeles to Australia and Melbourne

LA to Melbourne If you’re a Los Angelino who is a film producer, spouse of an Australian, or simply a traveller, Migration Ways can help you apply for your visa to enter the land called Down Under. We can also help other Angelinos or Americans understand the myriad of Australian visas (99 and counting!) and […]

Australian Production Companies and the 408 Visa

408 Entertainment Visa Expert for Your Film, TV, TVC Co-Productions Are you an Australian production company working on a film, TV or TVC production that will engage overseas crew and cast? Then when you bring in foreign talents or crew to work in Australia they must be on the appropriate Australian visa. The most common […]

Immigration Victoria

Visas for Living, Working, Studying, Touring in Victoria The state of Victoria, set in the south east corner of Australia, is the country’s second most populous state and second largest economy. Victoria has many attractions for migrants, students and tourists, including a broad range of landscapes (beach, mountain, & plain) and many lifestyle choices. Melbourne, […]

How to Find Farm and Harvest Work in Australia

Farm Jobs: Skilled, Working Holiday and Regional Visas  Lots of foreigners work on Australian farms. Many of these workers are on Working Holiday visas doing harvest work, while others are on Skilled, Work and Regional visas doing more skilled work. During the current coronavirus crisis, the farming industry still needs workers and now could be […]

Migration Agent Melbourne CBD

Melbourne CBD Migration Agent The head office of Australian immigration agency Migration Ways is located in the CBD of Melbourne. Our office is on the third floor of The Exchange Tower, located between William and King Streets, and has multiple public transport options, including trains at Southern Cross Station and the 86, 96, & 55 […]

Australian Visas for Nepalese

Nepalese Students in Australia The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported that “Most people would be able to name China and India as the top two source countries of international students coming to Australia. But Nepal coming third may be a surprise. “The country of just under 30 million people, best known as the home of […]


PTE or IELTS Test? Guest article by Elly Beolchi What is the difference between Australia’s two English language proficiency tests? More and more international students have come across the need to take an English proficiency test to be able to pursue their dreams in Australia, be they study or work. Over the last decade, the language […]

Student Guardian Visa 590

Australia’s 590 Student Guardian Visa One Australian student visa option is not for students themselves but for their caregivers and guardians. If you are the legal guardian of a foreign student in Australia who is under the age of 18, you may be eligible to live in Australia with that student. The following information about […]

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