Why to Come to Melbourne, the Mighty M!

What to Enjoy in Melbourne By Rebecca Santaera and Alberta Miculan For six years in a row, Melbourne Australia has been ranked by the Economist Intelligence Unit as the “most liveable city” in the world. It’s no surprise therefore that last year almost 100,000 people moved to Melbourne and more than 8 million visited this invigorating […]

The ‘Why’ of Migration Ways

Why We Are Migration Agents Author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek is famous for his conviction that a fundamental word in business should be “Why.” Smartcompany.com.au explains Sinek’s belief this way: “Every business can easily state ‘what’ they do. Most can articulate ‘how they do it’, but few businesses know ‘why’ they exist, says Sinek. […]

10 Tips on How to Work with a Migration Agent

How to Prepare and Submit Your Visa Application Now that you have hired a migration agent (or lawyer) to prepare and submit your visa application, you and the agent have begun a professional relationship. Following are tips on how to manage that relationship to better ensure the successful outcome of your visa application. Ask your […]

Australia’s Love Affair with Chefs and Cooks

Australia’s Chef Visa Eat at any restaurant in Melbourne and say thanks to the chef for an excellent meal and most likely he or she will reply with an accent. The Italian food in Melbourne really is cooked by Italians! According to Bloomberg news service, “More [Australian] visas are granted to food workers than any […]

Ten Tips To Help You Choose a Migration Agent

Choosing the Best Migration Agent A migration agent can assist you to obtain a visa that could change your life for the better or if the visa application process fails hurt your life drastically. So please think carefully about how to choose a good migration agent. Following are ten tips of things to consider when […]

Expert in Australian Entertainment Visas

Are you a narrative film, documentary, television, or commercial producer or director? Or an artist, crew member, musician or professional sportsperson? If yes, then you will need a visa to work in Australia. Visas for Overseas Entertainment Workers Migration Ways has prepared and lodged visa applications for reality TV cast and crew, feature film cast […]

Important Changes to “Entertainment” Visas for Australia

The 420 Entertainment Visa Replaced by the 408 Entertainment Visa If you are a narrative film, documentary, television, commercial, or music producer or artist, the visa you will need to film or work in Australia has changed. From November 19, 2016, the Entertainment visa, subclass 420, has been replaced by the new Temporary Activity visa, […]

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