December 2, 2021

The ‘Why’ of Migration Ways

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Why Does Your Company Exist?

Why We Are Migration Agents

Author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek is famous for his conviction that a fundamental word in business should be “Why.” explains Sinek’s belief this way: “Every business can easily state ‘what’ they do. Most can articulate ‘how they do it’, but few businesses know ‘why’ they exist, says Sinek. Beyond profit, the ‘why’ is your purpose, your cause, or your belief system.”

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10 Tips on How to Work with a Migration Agent

migration agent helping a client

Tips on How to Work With a Migration Agent

How to Prepare and Submit Your Visa Application

Now that you have hired a migration agent (or lawyer) to prepare and submit your visa application, you and the agent have begun a professional relationship.

Following are tips on how to manage that relationship to better ensure the successful outcome of your visa application.

Ask your agent to outline the process

At the start of the relationship ask your agent for an outline of how the visa process will work and what are its stages, time frames, and deadlines for both you and the agent. At this stage your agent will most likely send you a Checklist of all the information and documents that he or she needs from you to prepare and submit your case. You must give the agent ALL these documents and information in a timely manner. And it is better that they are all submitted at one time. An agent cannot prepare your case without all this information and if it comes in late or in dribs and drabs this can result in valuable time being lost. Your efficient and timely submission of these documents and information is the single most important thing you can do to help your agent and application. [Read more…]

Ten Tips To Help You Choose a Migration Agent

migration ways specialist for australian visas, citizenship and permanent residence

Tips of How to Choose a Migration Specialist

Choosing the Best Migration Agent

A migration agent can assist you to obtain a visa that could change your life for the better or if the visa application process fails hurt your life drastically. So please think carefully about how to choose a good migration agent.

Following are ten tips of things to consider when selecting a migration agent. Of course, these are just tips and no guarantee of finding the best agent.

1)     First the perennial question. Should I hire an agent or a lawyer? Frankly, both can do the same job unless you have a complex case that requires ministerial intervention or Judicial review. Whether you choose an agent or a lawyer, you still have the tough choice of which specific agent or lawyer to use. If you can get a recommendation from someone you trust who has used a good lawyer or agent, do consider that expert. Trust is an important commodity in any market. If you don’t have any good recommendations, then research lawyers and agents and choose several possibilities from both of these camps. What matters is the individual experience, skill and integrity of the professional you choose. [Read more…]

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