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A map of Australia showing many places where new Australian citizens can live, work or study.
In 2015-2016, more than 133,000 foreign nationals from 190 countries became Australian citizens.

Australian Citizenship

On Tuesday August 7, 2018, Australia’s population hit 25 million. Following are some interesting facts about Australian immigration and citizenship. Regarding recent plans by the Australian government to make it harder to become a citizen, now may be a good time to submit your citizenship application.

In 2016, Australia had 2.2 million permanent migrants who had arrived between the years of 2000 and 2016. The top three birth countries of these migrants were India, England and China, in descending order.

In 2016 also, 26.3 per cent of people living in Australia were born overseas, with 18 per cent coming from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Australia’s migrant intake (number of visas granted) in 2018, however, is expected to drop to 165,000, from a projected 190,000.

According to the Department of Home Affairs, “More than 5 million people have become citizens since Australian citizenship was introduced in 1949.”

The Department also posted the following table, which “shows the number of people who were conferred as Australian citizens in 2016-17, according to their former nationality.

Former nationality Persons Per cent
India 24,181 18
United Kingdom 21,061 15
Philippines 9112 7
China, Peoples Republic of 6578 5
South Africa 4906 4
Sri Lanka 4487 3
​Pakistan ​4480 ​​3
Ireland, Republic of 4286 3
Vietnam 3859 3
New Zealand 3593 3
Other 51,207 37
Total 137,750 100

“ Source: The Department of Home Affairs

Australian media has reported that the federal government “will have a second go at passing legislation to make it harder to officially become an Australian citizen.” If this legislation does pass, now may be a good time to apply for citizenship.

Why Become an Australian Citizen

In 2015-2016, more than 133,000 foreign nationals from 190 countries took the oath to become Australian citizens. Some of the important advantages to becoming an Australian citizen include:

  • Entering Australia hassle free.
  • Being secure from deportation.
  • Having the right to vote.
  • Travelling visa free to 169 countries.
  • Gaining a passport.

Eligibility for Becoming an Australian Citizen

The criteria for eligibility for Australian citizenship and the particular citizenship process that you will follow is influenced by which citizenship route you are eligible for. There are quite a few paths to Australian citizenship, with the following being just a few of the more common ones. You may be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship if you:

  • Have a parent who was born in Australia.
  • Were born in Australia.
  • Are a former Australian citizen wanting to resume your citizenship.
  • Have lived in Australia for the last four years, including the last 12 months as a permanent resident.

Consult an Experienced Australian Citizen Expert

To best understand your pathway to apply for Australian citizenship, book now a consultation with one of Migration Ways registered immigration experts. Migration Ways agents have all been migrants and have travelled the globe. We understand your travel, visa and immigration needs. We can do consultations in our Melbourne CBD office or via Skype or our U.S phone number. Our agents speak English, Italian and Spanish.

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