December 2, 2021

Australia’s Popular Working-Holiday Visas!

A working holiday visa allows young foreigners to work anywhere in Australia for up to one year

Work Anywhere in Australia on a Working-Holiday Visa

Australian Working Holiday Visas

During the Australian financial year of 2015-2016, almost 215,000 Working Holiday visas were granted. As per the rules of this visa program, all the recipients of these two temporary working holiday visas, the 417 and the 462, were between the ages of 18 and 31. These visa recipients, and many hundreds of thousands of other youthful recipients before and since, have taken advantage of arguably the simplest and best visa option to live and work “down unda.”

Countries Eligible for Australia’s 417 and 462 Visas

A working holiday visa allows young foreigners to work anywhere in Australia for up to one year, but only “for up to six months with each employer.” Currently the nationals of 39 countries or territories are eligible for the 417 or 462 visa. Which of these visas you might be eligible to apply for depends on which country you are from. To check these lists of eligible countries, click here and here. Countries whose citizens are currently eligible for the 417 or 462 visas include the United States, Canada, Israel, Italy, Spain, and the UK. Eligible Asian countries include China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan. Please be aware that there is a cap on the number of working holiday visas granted each year.

Please note that from July 1, 2019, the appropriate Greek citizens will be eligible to apply for a Working Holiday visa.

Conditions of Australia’s Working Holiday Visas

It is possible to apply for a second working holiday visa, but you will first need to work 88 days in a regional area of Australia in a specifically stipulated job. Having met these criteria, you now become eligible to work anywhere in Australia for an additional 12 months. The working holiday visas also allow you as part of this 12 month period to study for up to 4 months in Australia. One of the great advantages of a working holiday visa is that once you have worked with an employer, he can consider sponsoring you for a temporary or permanent work visa.

Applying for the Working Holiday Visa

When applying for your first working holiday visa you must make the application offshore, that is, not from Australia. The second working holiday visa, however, can be applied for from either onshore or offshore. Currently the government visa application charge for the first visa is AU$440.

To read more about working holiday visas, see the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection website for information about the 417 and 462 working holiday visas.

For tax information regarding workers on a working holiday visa, see the Australian Tax Office site.

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Many foreigners especially Italians, Spanish, and Indians work in Australia as chefs, cooks and restaurant managers

Work in Australia’s Hospitality Industry as a Cook or Chef


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