December 2, 2021

Australia’s Regional 187 Visa as an Option for You?

Koalas live in regional Australia

Australia’s Koala Can Be Seen in Regional Australia

The 187 and 489 visas were discontinued on Nov 16, 2019, and replaced by the 491 and 494 Regional visas.

Australia’s 187 Regional Visa

Starting in April 2017, it became harder for foreign nationals to obtain certain Australian work visas. Regional visas are an often forgotten or ignored visa option that may be the answer for many of those wishing to live and work in Australia. There are two Australian regional visas: the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme subclass 187, and the Skilled Regional Provisional visa subclass 489, but the 187 visa is the more common of the two options. This article will discuss only the 187 visa.

Regional Sponsored Permanent Residence Migration Scheme visa subclass 187

The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme 187 visa is a permanent residence visa that allows skilled workers to work in specific regional and low population growth areas of Australia. The 187 visa allows employers in regional Australia to nominate and employ skilled foreign nationals in positions unable to be filled from the local labour market.

For the 187 visa, the classification of a regional area of Australia is determined by the post code of the area where your nominating employer’s business is located. See the list of approved postcodes here.

The list of occupations eligible for the 187 visa is broader than for other employer-sponsored visas. See the current list of approved occupations for the 187 visa here.

A few of the eligibility requirements for the 187 visa include:

*Applicants must be under the age of 45.

*Must be nominated for the visa by an employer.

*Must have the required skills and competent English for the nominated position.

*The position on offer must be full-time, ongoing, and be available for at least two years.

The 187 visa requires employers to meet training benchmark requirements and has no set Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT), but the salary offer to the applicant must meet market salary rates. The nominated position, together with the proposed terms and conditions of employment, need to be certified by the relevant Regional Certifying Board appointed for the specified employment location.

Please be aware that the criteria for the 187 visa will change in March 2018.

To learn more details about the 187 regional visa for permanent residence from employer nomination, please read here.

Read about the 489 Regional Visa.

Other Work Visas

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