December 2, 2021

Australian Permanent Residence Visas

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Enjoy an Australian Koala When You Live Down Under

Live Permanently in Australia on a Permanent Residence Visa

In the 2016-17 Australian financial year, a total of 183,608 permanent residence visas were granted.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs website has described an Australian Permanent Resident as “a non-citizen who is the holder of a permanent visa. A permanent resident can live, work and study without restriction in Australia.” The five main categories of Permanent Residence visas are valid for 5 years and with renewal can last the lifetime of the recipient.

Advantages to Being an Australian Permanent Resident

As the above description indicates, there are significant advantages to having a permanent Australian visa. Foreign nationals on an Australian Permanent Residence visa can:

–Live anywhere in Australia.

–Live permanently in Australia.

–Work, study, or travel as they like in Australia.

–Buy a house.

–Send their children to Australian government schools without paying international student rates.

–Have access to Centrelink government services.

–Use Government Medicare services.

–Bring their immediate family (wife/husband and children) with them. These spouses and children have the same rights as the primary applicant.

–After you have settled apply to sponsor a member of the family unit (or a later spouse) to enter Australia.

–Most importantly being a permanent resident is a pathway to becoming an Australian citizen. (Read about Australian citizenship.)

(Please note that an Australian permanent resident does not have the right to vote or “an automatic right of entry to Australia.”)

opera house and sydney harbour for australian permanent residents to enjoy

Sydney, Gateway to Australia and Home of the Sydney Opera House

Types of Australian Permanent Residence Visas

These are the five main categories of Australian Permanent Residence visas, all of which can be applied for in Australia or offshore (overseas):

Category 1:  Family Visas

Partner/Spouse visa

There are two main streams for Partner visas: Spouse/de facto and Prospective Marriage (fiance). Both of these visas can be applied for in Australia or offshore (overseas.)

Parent visa

Australia has a parent visa program that allows permanent residents to sponsor their parents to live in Australia. Read more about Parent visas.

Child visa

Child (Permanent) (Subclass 101) visa

Adoption visa (Permanent) (Subclass 102)

Read information about the Child visa and the Adoption visa.

Last Remaining Relative visa

The Department of Home Affairs website states that “This visa allows someone outside Australia whose only near relatives are living in Australia to live in Australia as a permanent resident.”

Category 2: Employer Nominated Visas

There are two Employer Nominated visas, notably the 187 Regional visa and the 186 Employer Nominated visa.

The 187 Regional visa has its own Occupation List: The Regional Occupation List (ROL). Read here to see if your occupation is on the ROL list.

Category 3: Skilled Visas

There are two main Skilled visas: The 189 Skilled Independent and the 190 Skilled Nominated.

Category 4: Business Skilled Migration Visas

For this category, there is the 132 Business Talent visa.

Category 5: Special Migration (Skilled Talent) Visas

The Special visa category is for the Distinguished Talent 124 and 858 visas.

Please note that the visas listed above do not include the Provisional/Temporary Skilled visas that may lead to Permanent Visas.

Permanent Resident Children can Attend Australian government schools without paying international student rates.

Permanent Resident Children Can Attend Australian Government Schools

Eligibility and Conditions for Australian Permanent Residence Visas

There are, of course, many criteria an applicant must meet to be eligible for any of these Permanent Residence visas. If you follow the links above, you can read more about the eligibility criteria for these visas.

There is one aspect of all the Permanent Residence visas that you will become aware of and must follow: If you ever leave the shores of Australia, you must do so with a valid Resident Return visa. With this visa, you can then easily re-enter Australia to resume without fault your permanent residence. Read about the important Resident Return visa.

three tourists enjoying one of australia's beautiful beaches in western australia

Enjoy Australia’s Beautiful Beaches

Why Become a Permanent Resident?

Many holders of Australian visas want to transition from temporary to permanent visas. They wish to live more securely in Australia to enjoy its many advantages: An often-warm climate, economic prosperity, and political freedom and stability. More specifically, a Permanent Residence visa allows each holder to better pursue his or her personal dreams and reasons for coming to this great country of possibilities. Read about living in Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city.

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Alberta Miculan and Rebecca Santaera, Co-Directors of Mebourne’s Migration Ways

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