October 16, 2021

Migration Ways 457 Visa / Citizenship Melbourne Seminar attracts seventy people

[Read about the replacement for the 457 visa, the TSS 482 work visa.]

Australian Citizenship Experts

On May 22, almost 70 people attended a Melbourne Just Australia seminar conducted in Italian with Migration Ways about the recent 457 visa and citizenship changes.

The audience, predominantly Italians aged in their 20s and 30s, listened to Migration Ways co-directors Rebecca Santaera and Alberta Miculan answer questions for about 40 minutes about these changes. Rebecca and Alberta discussed the 457 visa changes implemented this past April, the coming July 2017 changes to the 457 visa, and the skilled visa changes to take place in March 2018. They also discussed regional visas and the future regarding applications for Australian citizenship.

Migration Ways Melbourne Seminar on 457 visa and Citizenship for Just Australia. Ilaria, Rebecca (Speaking) and Alberta

Migration Ways Melbourne Seminar on 457 visa and Citizenship for Just Australia. Ilaria, Rebecca (Speaking) and Alberta

Many attendees wanted to know how the recent visa and citizenship changes impacted them, most importantly if they could still stay long term in Australia or had to soon leave. Two specific questions asked were:

  • What can I do if my occupation is no longer on the skilled occupation list?
  • What should I do if my job is now only on the short term (2 year) occupation list?

See photographs of the event and listen to Rebecca Santaera’s introductory comments IN ITALIAN below.

Migration Ways Melbourne Seminar on 457 visa and Citizenship for Just Australia. Ilaria is speaking.

Migration Ways Melbourne Seminar on 457 visa and Citizenship for Just Australia. Ilaria is speaking.

Migration Ways Melbourne Seminar on 457 visa and Citizenship for Just Australia. Rebecca and Alberta (Speaking)

Migration Ways Melbourne Seminar on 457 visa and Citizenship for Just Australia. Rebecca and Alberta (Speaking)

The largely Italian audience for Migration Ways Melbourne Seminar on 457 visa and Citizenship for Just Australia.

The largely Italian audience for Migration Ways Melbourne Seminar on 457 visa and Citizenship for Just Australia.

Un seminario dedicato a tutte le novità sui visti

Luendi 22 maggio ore 4:30pm ci ritroveremo nuovamente assieme a JUST AUSTRALIA per un seminario dedicato a tutte le novità sui visti. A fine conferenza, aperitivo con pizza e birra per tutti! Ingresso gratuito su PRENOTAZIONE OBBLIGATORIA a:
Migration Seminar seminario Italiano JA May 2017
May 22, 2017, at 4:30 pm, attend a JUST AUSTRALIA seminar about the recent 457 visa and Australian citizenship changes with speakers from MIGRATION WAYS: Rebecca Santaerra and Alberta Miculan. At the end of the seminar, enjoy pizza and beer. Free admission after making an OBLIGATORY BOOKING to  This event will be in ITALIAN.

Alberta Miculan of Migration Ways interviewed by Just Australia about the 457 visa changes

Australian Migration Agent Alberta Miculan Interview

Alberta Miculan interviewed by Just Australia about the 457 visa changes. April 19, 2017

[Read about the replacement for the 457 visa, the TSS 482 work visa. ]

Why to Come to Melbourne, the Mighty M!

Skyline of Melbourne, home to many migrants from round the world

Skyline of Melbourne, home to many migrants from round the world

What to Enjoy in Melbourne

By Rebecca Santaera and Alberta Miculan

For six years in a row, Melbourne Australia has been ranked by the Economist Intelligence Unit as the “most liveable city” in the world. It’s no surprise therefore that last year almost 100,000 people moved to Melbourne and more than 8 million visited this invigorating metropolis at the bottom of Down Unda. Australian migration agency Migration Ways is proud to have assisted many tourists, students, partners, employees, and migrants obtain Australian visas so they can come to Melbourne. Let’s take a selective look at just a sample of the great attractions that the Mighty M has to offer you.

eatery laneway Melbourne

Melbourne is Australia’s smorgasbord

This capital of the state of Victoria has more than 5,000 restaurants and cafes, making it per capita the highest number in the world. This truly multicultural city has a vast assortment of cuisines and dining experiences on offer, from the world famous “Little Italy” of Lygon Street to your local beach fish and chip shop to countless pubs with a tasty array of “pub grub.”

Many of Melbourne’s pubs were built in the 1880s-90s, when Melbourne was the richest city in the world. Victoria has almost 1,100 pubs and bars, with downtown Melbourne alone (the 3000 postcode) having 67. Ranging from working class havens to posh low light establishments, these pubs and bars offer an incredible range of lager and ale and tasty tucker.

Everything from traditional British pub delights like bangers and mash and shepherd’s pie to all things Mexican and Asian. Tempting Greater Melbourne foodie districts include the Spanish eateries of Johnston Street, the Indian nosh houses of Dandenong, the Turkish and Lebanese food joints on Sydney Rd, the Vietnamese cafes of Victoria Street in Richmond, and Chinatown at Little Bourke Street. Melbourne is one of the food capitals of the world with something seductive for every palate.

Brunetti - An Italian Style Cafe in Carlton, Melbourne

Brunetti – An Italian Style Cafe in Carlton, Melbourne

Melbourne offers a polyglot of cultural experiences

A quarter of the city’s 4.35 million population was born overseas. Melbourne is well-known as having the largest Greek population in the world, outside of Greece itself. But as a migrant magnet for many years, Melbourne is now home to 140 cultures. It has, just to name a few, vibrant Jewish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and South American communities. Italians make up Melbourne’s second largest ethnic group (the first being Anglo-Celtic), while the city is also home to the largest Indian population in Australia. More recently, migrants have come from Somalia and Sudan.

chinese market farmers local market Melbourne

Melbourne also offers a plethora of arts based cultural experiences, from traditional Irish music at pubs to a host of museums and music happenings. Check out Melbourne local history at the Melbourne Museum, hands-on science at Scienceworks, and Australia’s envious sport history at the National Sport Museum. Melbourne has bounteous top notch music on offer, including the latest Broadway musicals, the respected Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and three opera companies. The city’s clubs, pubs, and basements ring with live jazz, Latin, and country music, and all styles of rock, earning Melbourne the title of Australia’s music capital.

Collins St: The Block Arcade

Collins St: The Block Arcade

Melbourne boasts copious leisure areas and activities

Melbourne brims with parks, gardens, beaches and even has its own river (the Yarra) flowing down its centre. Don’t miss the Royal Botanical Gardens and its 50,000 plants and the 169 hectares of Royal Park with its timbers, grasslands, and sport fields. The city also claims picturesque downtown laneways bursting with European-styled cafes with tables on the footpaths. Enjoy the buskers or peruse the street art of Hosier Lane. Stroll the elegant Royal and Block Arcades of yesteryears, then feast more on Victorian period wonders at the Royal Exhibition Building and the grand Collins Street. This city has everything, even 50 vinyl record stores for the retro or hip inclined.

grand prix racing Melbourne

Melbourne is infected with sports madness

Often called the sports capital of Australia, Melbourne boasts world class soccer, cricket, cycling and many other sports, particularly its homegrown religion, Australian Rules football.

Of course, Melbourne is the home of the Australian Open Tennis Championship every January and the Grand Prix each March. It houses “The G” (the Melbourne Cricket Ground or MCG), whose 100,000-seating capacity makes it the largest stadium in the country. Did we mention the Melbourne Cup, the 6-million- dollar horse race that stops a nation and has itsown public holiday? Nuff said. Don your hat, splash on your sun cream and get out there!

Eureka Tower Melbourne

Eureka Tower Melbourne

Melbourne is an architectural feast

Founded in 1835 and now covering 9,990 square kilometres, Melbourne exhibits architecture from almost all its history. From classic Victorian era bluestone buildings, to 1930s art deco cinemas, to contemporary skyscrapers. Downtown flaunts the modern Eureka Tower, “the second-tallest residential building in the world,” and the Rialto Towers glass skyscraper. Visit the imposing Shrine of Remembrance, the funky (okay weird) ACMI building and FederationSquare, and the regal St. Paul’s Cathedral. Art Deco buildings abound, but don’t miss the Manchester Unity Building on the corner of Swanston and Collins. For the industrial-minded, check out the incredible Coops Shot Tower, now the core of Melbourne Central shopping centre. The classic elegance of the Williamstown waterfront and its main streets of eateries and shops are also a must see.

State Library of Victoria, Melbourne

State Library of Victoria, Melbourne

Melbourne offers work and study

Australia has not had an economic recession in 25 years and in 2015-2016 Melbourne’s economy grew 4.4 percent. One immense growth industry in Australia and Melbourne has been education services. Melbourne, for example, has nine universities, with Melbourne University currently ranked the best in the country. Melbourne “Uni” hosts 12,000 international students from 130 countries and each year more than 500,000 visitors study in the city. After the U.S., Australia is the second most popular destination in the world for international students, with Chinese and Indians being the two most numerous nationalities studying here.

laneway art wall art Melbourne

If you are contemplating visiting Australia, do come to our premier cultural city to eat, stare, and cheer. And remember that Migration Ways is here to advise and help you obtain your visa to visit, live, work or study in The Mighty M. We’ll even speak American, Spanish, and Italian to help you. Viaggia sereno nelle nostre mani!

Rebecca Santaera and Alberta Miculan are the owners and directors of Migration Ways, one of Melbourne’s leading migration agencies. Between them, Rebecca and Alberta have more than 30 years of experience working in the migration field. Learn more about their service via https://migrationways.com.au/ , +61 3 9994 2707, and   Ask our expert migration specialists about working visas for Australia.

shot tower Melbourne

Contact Migration Ways and book a consultation with one of our registered migration specialists.

Read this helpful information for living in Australia and Melbourne.

We can help you with your visa to Australia!

Italians MIgration Australia


Australian Visas Experts

Let Migration Ways help you with your visa to Australia. More than 40 years’ experience in the immigration industry!

Our friendly registered Migration Agents can provide tailored service in Italian and Spanish!

Viaggia sereno nelle nostre mani!

Migration Ways Italian page.

Migration Ways Spanish page.

Contact Migration Ways, located in the CBD of Melbourne.

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Spanish Migration Update

Spanish Speaking Australian Visa Agents

Migration Ways es un servicio de inmigración Australiano que asiste a la comunidad española/latina.

Nosotros hemos asistido a clientes desde España, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, México, entre otros países.

Prestamos un servicio personalizado en español, italiano e inglés y los agentes de inmigración están especializados en el sector hotelero y de entretenimiento.

Nuestro Agentes de Inmigración Registrados (MARA) contan con más de 30 años de experiencia laboral en materia de migración, adquirida en Australia, en los Estados Unidos y en Italia.

Nosotros ayudamos a personas y empresas a tramitar diferentes tipos de visas:

Visitor, Working Holiday, Student, Temporary Graduate, Entertainment, Skilled, Temporary and Temporary Work, Partner and Permanent Residence.

Deja que ahorremos tu tiempo y que nosotros nos preocupemos de tramitar cualquier tipo de visa que tú o tus empleados necesiten.

¡Viaja tranquilo, nosotros nos ocupamos del resto!

Migration Ways are leading Spanish migration agents in Melbourne.

Read more here about Migration Ways and its Spanish speaking staff and work.

Chef and Cook Visas: Australian Hospitality Visas

Chefs and cooks, migrant workers in Australia

Migration Ways Has Helped Many Chefs and Cooks Obtain Australian Visas

Hospitality Visas 

Many of Melbourne’s leading restaurants are clients of Migration Ways visa services. Migration Ways has secured countless visas for hospitality professionals such as Chefs, Cooks and Restaurant Managers. These professionals have come from many countries, including Italy, France, Greece, UK, Ireland, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, China, and India. We especially work with the Italian and Spanish communities and our visa experts are fluent in Italian and Spanish.

Visas for Foreign Chefs and Cooks

Foreign Chefs, Cooks and Restaurant Managers may be eligible for various skilled and employer sponsored visas. To discuss all your visa options, contact Migration Ways. Our bi-lingual, registered agents are knowledgeable with the criteria that hospitality industry visa applicants must meet. We can save you time and take the worry out of applying for any visa that you or your employee may need.

Working as a Chef or Cook in Melbourne

If you are interested in living and working in Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, and the food, arts, and sport capital of Australia, visit the Live in Melbourne website. Also learn if “as a Chef you could be eligible for Victorian visa nomination.”

Jobs for Chefs and Cooks

If you are a Chef or a Cook and looking for a job in Australia, Migration Ways is not a recruiter, but we offer this advice to find work in Australia. We do, however, have an industry relationship with Chef Connect, an Australian specialist chef recruitment agency that sources talent at all levels, from Commis Chef to Executive Chefs for Australian hospitality businesses.

Read this page for links to Australian job sites.

Chef Connect and Chef Jobs

Experts in permanent placement, Chef Connect finds top talent for restaurants, bars, hotels, pubs, clubs, catering companies, as well as the cruise ship industry. To see the  latest job offers on the website of Chef Connect.

More Information about Chefs in Melbourne and Migration Ways

Read more about Chefs in Melbourne.

Here is an article about the great attractions of Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city.

Read about our bi-lingual agents who specialise in chefs and visas.

Read reviews of our registered migration agents, many from workers in the hospitality industry.

Read about Migration Ways in Italian and read about us in Spanish.

Travel serenely in our experienced hands!

Viaggia sereno nelle nostre mani!

¡Viaja tranquilo, nosotros nos ocupamos del resto!

A Spanish dish. Spanish citizens need a visa to work in Australia

Many Spanish and Italian Chefs and Cooks use the Immigration Visa Service of Migration Ways

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