Why Use Migration Ways?

To learn why migration ways is the best visa agent in melbourne for you
Why Migration Ways is a good Australian migration agent option for you

The Best Immigration Agency for You?

There are approximately 7,000 migration agents in Australia. In the Melbourne CBD alone (where our main office is located) there are more than 200 migration agencies. And these numbers do not include the many immigration lawyers.

Migration, visa and citizenship advice is a competitive field with many good practitioners. Why should you choose Migration Ways to be the best migration agent in Melbourne for you?

Migration Ways is a trusted visa advisory service. But don’t believe just us. Read what some of our clients say about Migration Ways and its Melbourne registered migration agents.

Reviews of Migration Ways

–“I will never forget the kindness, professionalism, and grace that the team at Migration Ways shared with me.” Dr Ali Eslaminia

–“Rebecca and her team are excellent professionals!” Andrea Ezrova

–“Alberta and the terrific staff at Migration Ways Australia were so helpful and knowledgeable.” Jan Yoga

–“They are very professional, friendly and committed to find the solution that better suits you and your family.” Simona and Gabriele

–“Alberta went above and beyond to get my application well positioned for success.” Uday Khisty

–“Migration Ways was able to discuss with me and my husband all the various ways and options to make my migration to Australia fast and hassle free.” Ria Dellosa

–“I just wanted to take a moment to officially thank you for the brilliant work you did on Jackie Chan’s “Bleeding Steel”.  Paul Currie, Co-founder and director of Lightstream Pictures, Australia

–“From the start, Rebecca has been extremely helpful to find the best solution which suited my situation.” Federico

(Read more testimonials about why Migration Ways is a leading Australian migration agency.)

Expert Australian Immigration Advice

As these reviews note, Migration Ways has an earned reputation for giving professional, timely and ethical service. We especially pride ourselves on our problem-solving abilities. We are creative and careful to match the needs and circumstances of our clients to the best available visa. Australian immigration laws and policies can be complex, and expert help is often the difference between success and failure.

Registered Experienced Visa Agents

Migration Ways’ registered agents can assist you in applying for any Australia visa. Our areas of expertise include:

Migration Ways has also developed respected relationships with the relevant government bodies, and local businesses.

Our Bi-Lingual and Well Travelled Nigration Agents

Our agents speak English, Italian, Greek and Spanish and have more than 40 years combined experience working in the migration field in Australia, Italy, Brazil and the United States.

One last Migration Ways quality we would like to bring to your attention: The personal experience and empathy of our agents. All our staff have themselves been migrants and visa or permanent residence/citizenship petitioners and world travellers. For example, co-director Alberta Miculan is an Italian-Australian-American citizen who has travelled extensively in Europe and South America. And fellow co-director Rebecca Santaera, also from an Italian background, has lived and worked as a migration agent in Italy, as well as travelled many times overseas.

Contact Migration Ways

So please do contact Migration Ways to discuss with us your visa or immigration needs. We are here to problem solve solutions to help you on your journey to live, work, travel or study in Australia.

Travel serenely in our experienced hands!

Viaggia sereno nelle nostre mani!

¡Viaja tranquilo, nosotros nos ocupamos del resto!

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