Hong Kong and Australian Visas

Hong Kong and Australia The Australian Financial Review reports that there is a “Surge in number of Hong Kongers wanting to live in Australia”. The article notes that “The number of Hong Kong citizens looking to move [to] Australia has risen sharply since proposed extradition laws fuelled growing concerns about the erosion of civil liberties […]

Australian Visas for Vietnamese

The Vietnam War and Australia Since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 many Vietnamese refugees, migrants and students have come to Australia. The Culture Tip website reports that “Before the fall of Saigon ended the Vietnam War in 1975, fewer than 2,000 people born in Vietnam lived in Australia. But when the Communist […]

South Americans and Australian Visas

Latin Americans and Australian Visas Australia has a vibrant and growing Latin American community. According to Wikipedia, “Brazilian Australians make up the largest proportion of Latin American Australians, followed by Chilean Australians and Salvadoran Australians. Most Latino Australians speak English but many continue to use Spanish or Portuguese as well. “At the 2006 Census 86,156 […]

Australian Visas for Malaysians and Singaporeans

Malaysia and Australia Australia and Malaysia have a long history of interactions, beginning in the 18th century when Malay pearlers dived off the northern Australian coast. Australian troops fought in Malaya (and Singapore) during World War Two and assisted militarily during the Malay communist insurgencies of the 1950s. Formal relations between Australia and Malaysia began […]

Working Holiday Visa Changes

Working Holiday Visas Can Now Be 3 Years From July 1, 2019, it will become possible to add a third year to a 417 and 462 Working Holiday visa stay in Australia. An extra year is possible, the Department of Home Affairs states, if Working Holiday visa holders “undertake 6-months of specified work in a […]

Australian Parent Visas

870 Parent Visa to Begin July 1, 2019 There are currently seven temporary and permanent Australian Parent visas that you may be eligible to apply for. Generally, Parent visas allow Australian citizens and permanent residents to bring their parents to Australia. Applications for the new 870 Sponsored Parent visa open July 1, 2019. “Subclass 870 […]

491 and 494 Regional Visas

Two New Australian Regional Visas 494 and 491 The Australian Federal government has released information about the two new Regional visas that will replace the 187 and 489 Regional visas on November 16, 2019. These two new Regional visas are the: 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa and 494 Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa. […]

Where Australia’s Migrants Come From

Sources of Australia’s Population Australia is one of the most multicultural societies in the world. Our population hails from a vast range of countries from all across the globe. Let’s look at some key statistics to learn more specifically where Australia’s migrants have come from. Australian Migration Facts and Stats Australia’s Migrants Today News.com reports […]

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