DAMA Visas Australia

Designated Area Migration Agreement, DAMA The Department of Home Affairs describes DAMAs this way: “A Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) provides flexibility for states, territories or regions to respond to their unique economic and labour market conditions through an agreement-based framework. “Under the DAMA framework, employers in designated areas experiencing skills and labour shortages can […]

Graduate 476 Visa for Engineers

The 476 Graduate Visa Australia needs engineers and has various visa programs that allow foreign engineers to work Down Unda. The most significant Australian visa for foreign engineers is the 476 Graduate visa. The Department of Home Affairs notes the following about the 476 visa: “Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa “This visa allows recent engineering graduates to […]

Australian Visas If Older Than 45

Australian Visas for Those 45 and Older It is generally harder to obtain an Australian visa if you are 45 years of age or older. However, there are a few key Australian visas that those older than 44 may apply for and which could be a good option for them to live and work in […]

Australian Visas for Japanese

A Brief History of Japanese in Australia The Australian Department of Social Services reports that “The first recorded Japanese settler arrived in Australia in 1871, an acrobat who settled in Queensland. Until 1866 it was a capital offence for Japanese to leave Japan. “During the 1880s and 1890s Japanese migrants worked as crew for Australian […]

Australian Entertainment Visas: Overseas Crew and Talent Need a Visa to Work in Australia

The Australian 408 Entertainment Visa Overseas Film-TV Personnel Need Visas to Work in Australia!* By Kevin McGrath & Alberta Miculan If you are an overseas film, documentary, television or commercial producer, director, crew or cast, you need a 408 visa to film or work in Australia. As do musicians, performers, photographers and visual artists. Simply, […]

South Koreans and Australian Visas

A History of Koreans in Australia Australia’s relations with South Korea primarily date from the time of the Korean War. The Australian War Memorial reports that “From 1950-53, 17,000 Australians in the Army, Navy and Air Force fought as part of the United Nations (UN) multinational force, defending South Korea from the Communist force of […]

Migration Agents Australia

Australian Migration Agents Migration Ways is a leading Australian immigration agency. We assist businesses and individuals with their Australian visa applications. We are also experts in permanent residence and Australian citizenship. The mission of Migration Ways is to provide a tailored service and professional support to businesses, individuals and families to make the visa application […]

Italians in Australia

History of Italians in Australia Italians have a long and proud history of living in and contributing to Australian society and culture. The Australian Department of Social Services reports the following about early Italian influence on Australian history: “Italians have long played an important role in Australia’s history. As early as 1676, a Dominican missionary […]

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